Light Fairytale Episode 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

An easy peasy guide detailing the achievements available in Light Fairytale Episode 2.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Defeat the beasts on your first encounter.

At the left of the rock, before the first battle against the wolves, you can find a granade. Pick up and use it instead of your sword or they run from battle.


  • Sell Kuroko’s gears.

You don’t need a save file from Episode 1, just use “Remove All” equipment’s option to unlock and sell them to the Junk City’s shop.


  • Try to sell the orb fragments.

You can do it right after you obtain the fragments going to the Junk City’s shop.

My precious…

  • Use the orb fragments in battle.

Use one fragment as an item in battle.


  • Rest again at Ayaka’s house after reaching Junk City.

After accepting the beacon’s quest, you can return to Ayaka and sleep in her bed OR just pass out (Heat Meter 0%) and get the achievement.

And there was light

  • Light all 5 beacons.

You can optimize your trip lighting first the beacon outside Junk City and than the one just south of the road. The last three are all to the north.

Always there for you

  • Get saved by Ayaka again.

Just pass out again (Heat Meter 0%) after leaving Ayaka’s house the first time.

Not always there for you

  • Fall in the cold winds after the soldiers event.

After the soldiers appear in Junk City, save the game and pass out (Heat Meter 0%) within the wind. This is a game over event.


  • See all the ‘Aunty’ events.
  1. When you leave Ayaka’s house for the first time, go back inside and talk to her.
  2. After accepting the beacons’ quest, return to Ghost Town and talk to Ayaka in the Hill (to the right of the house).
  3. When Ayaka joins the party you’ll get the achievement.


  • Read the whole Daichi note.

After releasing the Ex-Elder Daichi, enter the cell, go left and choose to read the entire note.

Goblin genocide

  • Defeat all 12 archers.

In the Ice Lair Jail, after releasing Daichi, fight against Executioner but kill all the summoned archers before deliver the final blow on the boss.

Elder, forever…

  • See all the ‘Daichi’ events.

If you already talk to every NPC as your play style, you’ll hardly miss this Achievement:

  1. After Ayaka joins the party, talk to the little girl “Wearing Glasses” between Junk City and Ghost Town.
  2. Talk to the Elder in Junk City.
  3. Find and read the entire Daichi’s note in the cell [Bookworm].
  4. Interact with the corpse of the Elder after the Ice Queen boss fight.
  5. Returning to the Ice Maze, you’ll encounter the little girl who is waiting her “granpa”. Talk to her.
  6. Between Junk City and Ghost Town talk with the Elder and the two “Thick Clothed” Men.
  7. After entering for the first time in the Snow Forest, north to Junk City, go back where you encounter the Elder and you’ll find a Staff in the ground. Interact with it


  • Make Kid join the party.

The first time you arrive in Junk City (or at least before the “soldiers event”), talk with Kid.

After the Ice Queen battle, you’ll encounter her again in the same spot near the Snow Forest entrance.

ELF found!

  • Find the rebels hideout.

Find and follow the secret path between the E-F/F-E Area (you’ll see a little yellow glow on the right side of the road)

YOU, again?

  • Defeat the Humanoid Tank Mk1.

The boss fight is located in the B-F/F-B Area.

To access it directly go upper right of the sitting Scavenger in the first area of the Snow Forest.

Dragon slayer

  • Defeat the Snow Dragon.

Story related, you can’t miss it.

A.R. junior

  • Use your A.R Goggles for 150+ seconds.

If you import a Save File from Episode 1 you’ll probably get this achievement after a single use of the Goggles, if not use them until you unlock it.

I’m REALLY angry

  • Get your first level 2 fury.

You’ll get it reaching level 6.

1000+ credits

  • Earn 1000 or more credits.

Don’t skip the battles and you’ll get it easily.

500+ HP damage

  • Do a 500+ single HP damage to an enemy.

There are many ways to obtain it, in particular:

  • End Game Haru + any elemental orb VS early game enemies
  • End Game Fire Orb Ayaka VS any normal enemy weak to Fire
  • Pray RNGesus for a Crit

Achievements cleared!

  • Unlock all the achievements.

Easy, right? Cheers!

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