Loop Hero – All Achievements Guide

I. Game

1. New beginning
Go on your first expedition

2. Practically a job
Go on your tenth expedition

3. Go-Getter
Go on your fiftieth expedition

4. First time?
Die for the first time

5. Groundhog day
Die ten times

6. First blood
Kill 5 enemies

7. Lost count
Kill 1000 enemies

8. Trophy collection
Kill each type of enemy once (Check encyclopedia to see how many you are missing)

9. Part of the world
Gather 100 resources

10. Make a puzzle
Find all possible types of resources

11. Can’t get it back
Lose 100 resources by dying/escaping from an expedition

12. What’s not tied down
Get 5 camp supplies (Either finding or crafting them)

13. Collector
Get all the camp supplies

14. Small talker
Read 50 different dialogues

15. Cardsharp
Place 1000 cards

16. As anew
Fill the whole expedition map with card tiles

17. See the world and not die
See all the possible tiles (Check encyclopedia for progress)

18. Tripped
Die outside of battle. Easiest way to achieve this is by combining a swamp tile and the “Blissful Ignorance” – Trait. Simply stand on the swamp tile, pause and use all your oblivion cards.

19. Bartender! Refill!
Drink 50 potions

20. Around the world
Complete 100 loops

21. Undying
Die and resurrect 3 times in one expedition. Use “Ancestral crypt”-Card + The ability of the “Cemetery” in your camp + Omicron’s Technique – Trait (Grants +1 resurrection charge).

22. In time for lunch
Defeat the Lich in your first expedition

23. Broken geography
Place 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck, not counting “Oblivion”. This is the hardest achievement to obtain due to it being rng. To achieve it, you need the “Battlefield”-Card in order to spawn ghosts. Only by killing a ghost of a ghost you have the chance to spawn a Prime matter. This monster drops 3 random cards or in rare cases a gold card. These cards can be cards that aren’t in your deck. In order to get the achievement you need to get 10 cards you didn’t have in your deck and place them! on the tiles.

II. Crafting

1. From dust and sticks
Craft 5 items

2. Handyman
Craft 25 items

3. Easier than making
Dismantle 5 items (Under “Craft”-Section)

4. Barbarian
Dismantle 10 items (Under “Craft”-Section)

To be able to synthesize/transmute resources you will need to build the “Alchemist’s tent” in your camp.

5. Not gold…
Synthesize 5 resource with alchemy.

6. Still not gold…
Synthesize 100 resources

7. Alchemist’s apprentice
Transmute 5 resources into hydrogen

8. Don’t breathe it in
Transmute 50 resources into hydrogen

III. Hero Specific

1. Crunchy company
Have 10 living skeletons in one battle. As Necromancer go for attack-speed build (River+Thickets) and have as many +1 Skeleton items on you as possible. Put 2 “Cemetery”-Tiles next to each other in Act 2/3/4 to get additional Skeleton Archers. You can also put “Chrono crystals”-Tiles next to them to get even more Skeletons to spawn.

2. Fence
Get 10 orange items in exchange for the trophies in camp. As Rouge try to get as many trophies as possible (Spider cocoon are the best card for farming trophies). Try to get the “Marauder”-Trait for even more trophies. Do not pick the “Picky”-Trait as it will render this achievement impossible for your current expedition.

IV. Encyclopedia

1. Scholar
Unlock a chapter in the encyclopedia with a “Book of memories”

2. Observer
Unlock 50 chapters in the encyclopedia

“Book of memories” are obtained by collecting 10 “memory fragments” (They drop from cards that are burned by hand overflow) or by killing Tomes (spawned by A”bandoned bookery”)

V. Building

1. Trickster
Unlock the Rogue by building the Refuge

2. Grandma says hello
Unlock the Necromancer by building the Cemetery

3. Foundation stone
Build your first camp building

4. Hole in memory
Dismantle a camp building

5. Always been here?
Build the river in the camp

6. Small town
Build all the possible camp structures once

VI. Bosses

1. Just starting out
Defeat the Lich

2. Punching bag
Defeat the Lich 3 times

3. Glass Queen
Defeat the Priestess

4. Faith alone is not enough
Defeat the Priestess 3 times

5. For whom the horn tolls
Defeat the Hunter

6. Hunter’s Nightmare
Defeat the hunter 3 times

7. Memory pieces
Defeat Omega

8. Godslayer
Defeat Omega 6 times

Defeating Lich/Priestess/Hunter in Act 4 counts for the achievements too.

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