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Necro Pro-Tip / Summon Quality is Your Best Stat

I’m really enjoying the Necro class so far, Squishy as all heck, but the Skellies are a lot of Fun.

Pro-Tip: Summon Quality is totally your best Stat. It’s not immediately apparently what it does, but it gives a % chance to summon a Skele Warrior or Skele Guard instead of the normal “Friendly” Skele. Both of these Alts are WAAAAY better than the Base summon.

As for Perks, [Art of Control] (+1 Skele) and [Lay Down One’s Life] (Damage redirect) are probably the best ones I’ve see so far.

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  1. I actually did not notice these two alternative summons being better, for the most part. That’s because usually it goes like either of these: either you summon something fast and it does something, or, you get hit, summon and it does something. 3rd occurance is when enemy is too strong (example: high level bandits that made me use up 2 ressurections and still fail without doing more than 20% of their hp). Sure, quality is strong, but so far, any damage mitigation is a win/win situation – and it’s far better to go mitigation(evasion/armor, and actually for necromancer being more than good: regeneration) THEN quality. Level is also very important. I’d say 50% quality is like a goal you should go, but still: mitigation->skeleton_level->quality. Personal experience after a quite a few runs.

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