Loop Hero – The Balls Deep Necromancer Build

The Sucidal Necromancer build made popular by No-One.

The Build

The Balls Deep Necromancer Strategy.


  • Skeleton Level
  • Skeleton Level

First Ring

  • +1 Skeleton
  • Skeleton Level

Second Ring

  • Skeleton Quality
  • Skeleton Level


  • Magic Hp
  • Skeleton Quality

Traits Priority List

  • Unseen Care
  • Field Practice
  • +1 Skeleton


  • Groove
  • Spider
  • Mountain
  • Forest
  • Cemetary
  • Beacon
  • Blood Groove

Gold Cards

  • Ancient Crypt


Place Ancient Crypt out of the way. Spam Rocks till Harpys. Fill up one side with Mountains ONLY. Fill up other side with Thickets ONLY. Fill up additional Space with Thickets ONLY. Place beacons so you can run around the path faster. Place Blood groves so there is full coverage of path.

The more you fight and spam skeletons the stronger you get. With a decent amount of Max Magic HP you will never even get health hurt and if you do you will regen it back before you get hurt again. The more monsters and the faster they respawn the stronger you get.

Created by WaKKO151

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