Loop Hero – Useful Tips and Basic Bestiary

Basic Tips

  • Fields become blooming field if placed next to any other tile other then another field tile.
  • Build around your campsite (the 8 tiles around it) with groves, blood groves, vamp mansion, spider nests to prevent the lich from spawning his palace.
  • Save your mountain tiles and build harpy mountain with 3×3 rocks since mountains give +5hp and rocks only give +2hp.
  • Counter% is deceptively good since triggering it resets your swing timer.

Your character has 3 bars when its in combat, his hp, the time it takes for the next attack to happen and a 3rd white bar that its really tiny that goes down every time you attack, kinda like your “stamina” if you have too much attack speed you actually have to wait for this “stamina bar” to fill before you attack, and countering an attack gives you “stamina” back.

Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Pause Before Finishing A Loop

When you finish a loop, it all gets harder. Monsters will level up and that makes them substantially more dangerous. You always want to go to planning mode and take stock of how you’re doing – if you are in trouble and need to bail out, or do some other sneaky things to take control of the map.

if you stop before reaching your camp and think carefully, you can preserve precious resources and effort. If you are planning to return to camp, dump all the landscape cards you have that are worth resources.

Tip 2: Don’t Be In Such A Hurry To Play Landscapes. Hurry Up And Play Roads/Adjacents

Treasuries can make holding a handful of landscape cards fruitful. It’s best to conserve Mountains. And Meadows can be played carefully for bonuses. You don’t need to play Landscape (far from road) all that quickly, and there might not be as much benefit as you think.

Tip 3: Do Not Play Graveyards Carelessly

Skeletons deal Unga-Tons of damage. They are dangerous foes, and the more enemies you are taking on, the more likely they will become a problem. As your road crowds with enemies and your travels slow, days will pass. A 4-skeleton Graveyard can be a major issue, especially past day 5.

Tip 4: Every 10 Rock Tiles, Goblins Appear. Save Your Rock Cards Until You Have Decent Regeneration, Or A Plan

Playing Mountain cards will bulk up your maximum HP. But it won’t recover any HP at all. You’ll need to heal back the difference. It doesn’t hurt you, but… until you can recover it, it could be a liability. Goblins are vicious. Make sure you can handle them, or can regenerate your HP, before you play loads of mountain tiles.

Tip 5: Play Your Meadows Next To Other Non-Meadow Spaces

This will make them bloom. It gives you the Change resource, and it also bumps up their daily regeneration effect.

Tip 6: Playing A 3×3 Of Rock Will Create A Big Mountain – And Harpies

Try to make your 3×3 with small rocks, then surround it with big mountains to maximize gained HP. Harpies can be a good source of treasure, if you can manage your HP effectively.

Tip 7: Set The Battleground Adjacents Near Each Other To Change The Overlapping Road Tiles

Blood clots will appear and can provide extra foes.

Tip 8: Set Vampire Mansion Adjacents Inside Corners And Switchbacks (U-Turn) To Maximize Foes

You’ll spawn Vampires on up to 7 tiles.

Tip 9: Lategame, Space Out Cocoons On Inside Turns (5 To 7) To Maximize Spider Spawns

Spiders spawn really aggressively, and spawning them over a large area can pad out your combat.

Tip 10: Fully Surround Treasuries To Receive Some Rare Items For Your Current Level

Avoid finishing Treasuries until you think your equipment needs an upgrade.

Tip 11: Play A Vampire Mansion Next To A Village To Get A Destroyed Village

This is an interesting little thing you can do. It will change again after three loops.

Tip 12: Goblins That Set Up Next To Swamps Will Spawn Goblin Archers

Look out for advanced goblins.

Basic Bestiary

Stats are Per-Lap. That can get deadly if you don’t keep an eye on it. Correctly assessing which stats are best for your monster can help you pick out just the right gear.

Slime: 13 HP, 3 DMG per lap. 0.6 attackspeed. Power rating 23.4

  • STRENGTHS: Slimes only drop junk items – low level, no bonuses and very few rare/magic items. Dealing with slimes means largely wasting your time.
  • FIGHTER COUNTER: Slime damage is very low. HP regeneration in all its forms will relieve the small amount of danger from slimes, and even turn encounters into chances to heal.
  • Slimes are not dangerous and you should not base a strategy around fighting them.
  • PLACEMENT TIPS: Place something. The bad old slime will go away.

Ratwolf: 16 HP, 3.5 DMG per lap. 0.75 Attackspeed. Power Rating 41.86

  • STRENGTHS: Ratwolves are a fair mix of durable and evasive. They are not too harmful, but they will roam into areas with other monsters and absorb attacks, letting more dangerous monsters stay alive longer.
  • FIGHTER COUNTER: Yes. I mean, use COUNTERATTACK. Ratwolves have a different attackspeed than most fighters, so you might be able to attack very rapidly due to how counterattack works – when enemies attack simultaneously, you only can counter one foe.
  • PLACEMENT TIPS: If you space your groves 2 tiles apart, you’ll reduce the overall concentration of Ratwolves – as well as maximize potential spawns over time later on. In a pinch, drop a Grove infront of your guy to cheese one resource at the cost of sub optimal placement.

Skeleton: 12 HP, 26.6 DMG per lap, 0.3 Attackspeed. Power Rating 95.76

  • STRENGTHS: Skeletons are strong enough to act as cleanup – while on the brittle side, their damage is overwhelmingly high. They attack slowly, spawn slowly, and will probably end your run in failure if you get crazy.
  • FIGHTER COUNTER: Attackspeed, Defense, and Damage are critical to Skeletons. Beat them down before they get a chance to retaliate. Strike a good balance and strive to allow zero attacks. Skeletons are the true Power Check. Skeletons drop really good loot. so you’ll probably have an easy time if you can kill the Skeleton.
  • PLACEMENT TIPS: Graveyards are best isolated, early on. Mixing an early skeleton with some Ratwolves and a Vampire is a recipe for a loop-3 game over. Later, though, you will want to pair them with something fragile, like Spiders, or put torches nearby – a 4-pack of Skeletons is Really Bad News. Perhaps the best place for a Graveyard is just after your town – you will have just healed up, and it will provide you with leveled gear to handle the upcoming loop. Just don’t overdo it. . .

Harpy: 14 HP, 5.4 DMG per lap. 0.8 attackspeed. Power Rating 60.

  • STRENGTHS: A solid mix of ferocity and toughness, perhaps the biggest issue with Harpies is their behavior – they move to a random link of road, and they might team up with anything. If they pair with a couple Skeletons, a Flesh Golem, or a Vampire, things might suddenly get bad.
  • FIGHTER COUNTER: You never get too many harpies, since they are only spawned by one special multi-tile structure. Fighting them early, and respecting their force later, are the keys to milking this one.
  • PLACEMENT TIPS: If you want extra harpies, start your structure close to the road. Chrono Crystals will double the amount of Harpies you get, and they have fairly good drops.

Gargoyle: 5.25 HP, 8.58 DMG per lap, 0.3 attackspeed. Power Rating 13.

  • STRENGTHS: They hit a little hard but they aren’t too tough to handle most of the time. The Power Rating says it all.
  • FIGHTER COUNTER: You got some good items from that tile – oh wait, here comes some more freebies! Your countermove is an open palm.
  • PLACEMENT TIPS: Aside from those already mentioned, keep in mind that building that structure near the road, will require a different tile to complete.
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