Lootun – Pin Down + Abyssal Cuffs Build

Raid Build Guide

New patch introduced the new raid unique Abyssal Cuffs. The bracers make it so you use your offensive cooldown as often as possible.

This build was a happy accident I found after forgetting to switch back from Quick Draw doing pre-raid content. It led to Pin Down getting nerfed during beta to have a cap on Deeper Wounds.

Pin Down far outclasses any other offensive cooldown in damage at 700%. One point is put into Pinned Down for the debuff for Helm of Command while the last 4 points are put into Critical Chance to counteract a bit of the loss from Strategic Grips.

Quick Draw and a barb relic are used to try and put up as many bleeds as quickly as possible. Sinistral/Dextral Handcannons are used for their fast attack speed, great divine bonus, and Thrash enchant.

Gem priorities are attack speed, physical damage, damage over time, damage.

DPS charts can vary wildly on the same boss. Below is from a particularly good heroic Orc Vizier fight. Sometimes I see as low as 120 or as high as 300 B.

Depending on how the wind blows that day, you can see Quick Draw, Pin Down, or Assassin poison as the highest damage.

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  1. Why take the one point in Pinned Down? Does the reduced attack speed count as a debuff for Helm of Command?

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