Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – Gameplay FAQ with Tips to Solve Puzzles

Early-Game FAQ

I can’t open the Journal. Do I have everything I need?

The journal is a late-game item. To open it, you need a note from behind the Gun Door. This note has 5 dates on it. Use another note from earlier in the game to figure out the moon patterns.

Can I solve the Astronomical clock?

Behind the gun door is a note with four dates that mention “signs.” With that note, you can solve the clock. You just have to place the clock’s tick on the signs for their respective year. Pretty straightforward.

Can I open the 9 boxes?

Each box is opened by understanding the patterns in its room. Get the key for each room from the Quiz maze. Unlock the Quiz maze door by the Astronomical Clock using a Suite key from the magician.

Does the Piano puzzle need another note or outside knowledge?

No, everything is there. Count the musical notes in each block to make progress.

How do I open the statue with a 3×3 grid and letters?

The letters spell a 5-letter character name. Each letter is used once.

I’m stuck on the Supercomputer!

Login: Match the 5 red runes on the magician posters to the messages in the computer games. The runes spell LORELEI.

Password: Go through the Quiz maze to reach a twisted hotel. Find a 3×3 screen with red and white squares. The floor is also a 3×3 grid. The sign post says which sigil you’re looking at. If your character is in a red square on the screen, shade that spot on the grid. Do this for each sigil to get the password shapes.

Date Entry: Get keywords from the boxes to whisper to the old woman. Her memories are encoded dates. Figure out which of the 3 possible dates each memory refers to. Count edges, intersections, or find hidden numbers.

I’m stuck on the box puzzles!

Each room has the numbers 0-9 that match elements in the room. The room layout matches the puzzle box. Figure out which button is which number. Open the box with the date from the door (like “1982”).

Misc. Questions and Answers

How to get coffee

  1. You need a key shaped like a C.
  2. You’ll need to open a door on the top-right side on the 1st floor.

How to open safe with different shaped buttons?

The answer is related to the area of the buttons. if a single square is 1, what number can be the other shapes translated into?

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