Lost Ark – 4×3 Engravings with Stabilized Status (Budget Grudge) / Example Class Deathblade

How to get 4×3 Engravings with 0 negative engravings.

Introducing Stabilized Status

There isn’t much to say about Stabilized Status it’s pretty much straight forward if you go below 80% you lose the bonus and there is no downside to it at all beside that.

Getting Started with Book Engravings, Stone and Accessories

We need 2 book engravings leveled to EPIC +9

For Remaining Energy Deathblade they are Super Charge and Ambush Master.


And to complete them to get +15 we need a stone of minimum 6/6/4.

So it will look something like this:


This is the cheapest way to get 4/4/4/4 Engravings.

I spent around 3000 gold for accessories/stone and few books since we have a lot of them for free from the events.

Stats and Quality

Stats are the most important thing to have if you have anything besides:

  • Swiftness/Specialization/Crit you are doing it wrong!
  • These are the best stats in the game
  • You should pick them according to what your class needs
  • For Deathblade the main stat is Specialization and Crit that we only get from the necklace
  • Quality anything above 70 is decent 80 is okay 90 is amazing

We will be looking to buy (Main class engraving + Stabilized Status)

So for Deathblade is Remaining Energy + Stabilized Status

Starting with the Necklace

So we can build without worrying when the necklace shows up since it has 4 stats that need to be perfect

Using sorting option we will be looking for

(Main class engraving +3 – Stabilized Status +3)

Negative Engravings

We need to build according to the negative engravings which you can have to +4 of each if you dont want negative effects and they are:

  • Atk Power Reduction
  • Defense Reduction
  • Move Speed Reduction
  • Atk Speed Reduction

And obviously you can only have 1 of each earring/ring do not buy duplicates

As you can see i haven’t gone over the threshold.

The best way to do this is to look for +1 or +2 negative on the accessories the necklace can be +3 since its the first thing you are going to buy but its your choice if there is a better cheaper option buy it.

Make yourself a notepad so you can keep track of them if you want.

That’s pretty much it, go on the auction house keep track of negative engravings and buy the ones you need.

Closing Off

In the end it you will have 5x +3/+3/? (Main class engraving – Stabilized Status) accessories and should look like this:

That’s it you did it!

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