Lost Ark – Corridor (Boss Rush) Guide

Corridor (Boss Rush)

Starting from Tier 2, there is a content that is wave after wave of bosses. They are the Corridor of Trials, Corridor of Silence, and Corridor of the Sun. You obtain tickets to enter these contents from relevant Chaos Dungeons or Silmael Bloodstone Shop. Corridor of the Sun uses different tickets for its Normal and Hard modes. The primary rewards for this content are Leap Stones, Gems, and card EXP.

Enemies gradually gain more health and deal more damage as you go through the 15 floors.. Bosses always spawn in the center initially, then in the later rounds, more bosses spawn at the top and bottom.

Much like Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raid, the amount of HP the bosses have scales to the party size.

(T2) Silent Hall Normal(T3) Hall of the SunNormal(T3) Hall of the SunHard(T3) Hall of the SunHell

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