Lost Ark – Expedition Territory (Private Housing) Guide

Expedition Territory (Private Housing)

After completing the story quest Eadalin’s Gift in North Vern, you can accept the guide quest Secretary Theo’s Invitation from your quest journal (navigate to the purple guide quests). The quest will ask you to visit King Syilian in the city of Luterra as he grants you your own private island estate. Once completed, you should have a song you can play that will teleport you directly to your island.

The island is your own private instance that you can customize the appearance of. It serves the following purposes:

Ctrl+1: Opens the management interface. From here, you have access to your Research, Forge, Dispatch, and Manor tabs.

  • Research: This allows you to learn how to create new recipes, unlock Expedition Warehouse inventory slots, reduce the cost and time to do Expedition Territory actions, reduce the cost and time of Dispatch, and more. Research operates like a tree, and as you research new things like an improved workbench, you will unlock more things to research. Please pay attention to Gold and Pirate Coin costs to perform actions here in addition to material costs. Research requires Common Log and Common Stone.
  • Forge: This is where you craft things like Battle Items, food, furniture, Fusion Materials, and profession tools using life skill production materials. There is a chance to lucky craft which gets you additional products when crafting.
  • Dispatch: This is where you can send out your expedition sailors, pets, and boats to complete missions for you. There are two types of dispatch, Normal and Special.
    • Normal dispatches use Pirate Coins, ship durability, and Expedition Energy to gain Pirate Coins, trophies (exchanged with visiting merchants for goods), and island EXP.
    • Special dispatches use the same as normal dispatches in addition to resources used to enter content to complete content such as Guardian Raids, Cube, Boss Rush, and Chaos Dungeon for you. Note that by sending a dispatch to do this, you are not doing it yourself but still consuming the entry resource. The rewards will also depend on the chance of your crew’s performance. It is almost never worth sending out the special dispatch unless it’s for a daily content that you know you cannot be online to do that day.
    • Dispatch missions will consume ship durability, but this ship durability is not the same durability you use Silver to repair with. This ship’s durability must be repaired using Common Log and Common Stone, which can be very pricey. Low durability on dispatch ships doesn’t prevent you from using it to sail.
    • You must Research how to use other ships in dispatch missions.
  • Pet Ranch: You can place your pets on treadmills to produce jelly cookies. These cookies can be exchanged for many different items. Pets can only produce jelly cookies if they have motivation, and must rest in order to recover their motivation.
  • Manor: You can equip structures and costumes in your manor to gain small passive bonuses to your Expedition Territory’s actions. You start with two structures and two costume slots, but can use Research to unlock a third. Benefits include discounts on research and crafting and better success chances on dispatch missions.
    • Structures are from crafting, high Adventurer’s Tome completion %, or the cash shop.
    • Costumes are obtained from reaching maximum rapport with an NPC (common) or with Blue Crystals (350 each for legendary).
  • Training: After completing the main expedition island quest Legendary Monster Slayer from Adventurer Erwin, you can obtain the quest The Magic Society’s Amazing Skill. Once completing this quest and upon having at least one character at level 52, you can use the training module. Via the training module, you can select one character that will passively accumulate EXP. This can only be done on characters to level them up to one level under your highest level character (e.g. if your main is 52, you can use this on alts to get up to 51). This system can also only be used on characters that are at least level 50. You can train characters for up to 7 days, generating up to around 40,000,000 EXP. You can end training early at any time and collect EXP related to the amount of time you trained for. Your character cannot accrue any more EXP the moment they have trained enough EXP to achieve one level under your highest level.
  • Knowledge Transfer: This is a way to instantly raise a new character to a certain point in the story as well as their item level. The amount of times you can do this is based on how many high item level characters you already have. Cost-wise, it’s mostly only useful to do this to raise brand new characters to level 50. Russia did not implement this feature.

Ctrl+2: Opens the arrangement interface. You are able to place down furniture and characters on your island. This is purely decorative.

Ctrl+3: Costume interface. From here, you’re able to purchase alternative costumes for NPCs that you have unlocked max rapport with. This is mostly cosmetic in nature but you can equip them to your manor as well for small passive island bonuses.

Ctrl+4: Shifts the foreground view angle for a more cinematic look.

Nineveh’s Blessing can be purchased separately from Beatrice’s Blessing on the cash shop, which gives some extra bonuses to your Expedition Territory. This includes reduced time for research, crafting, and dispatch, increased territory energy regen, extra dispatch slot, extra costume and structure slot in manor, usage of the Scarecrow of Enlightenment while training (7,000 EXP per minute vs. the normal 4,000 EXP), and 10% increased material acquisition from Cave and Farm.

After reaching Expedition Territory Lv. 15, you can accept the quest Land of Life from the NPC Cute Felix in your estate. This unlocks the Farm. After completing the quest from Cute Felix, you can accept the quest The Cave Where Time Stands Still from NPC All-around Lifeman Nature to unlock the Cave.

  • The Farm features special foraging, mining, and lumbering profession nodes, and also has fishing. These nodes do not respawn until 6:00 AM server time.
  • The Cave features hunting, archaeology (simplified; no skills are needed), and fishing as well. These nodes do not respawn until 6:00 AM server time.
  • Fishing spots can be used 7 times in each area.
  • Research can improve the quantity gathered, number of fishing spots, and grow better gathering nodes.
  • The profession materials obtained from the estate are unique from normal ones, meaning they will occupy several additional inventory or storage space.
  • You cannot obtain World Tree Leaves from your estate.
  • The amount of profession EXP you gain when doing professions in your estate is reduced.
  • Consider this feature for people who dislike doing professions. It’s super fast and has efficient recipes, but you can’t make Gold from it as all the materials and resulting crafts are bound to you.
    • The items you can craft are great. Battle item selection boxes, food, Fusion Stones for upgrading, and more.
  • Other people can use your nodes if they’re visiting your estate, so if you don’t want this make sure to lock your state from the settings in the top left (near your estate name).

Bonus Upgrade Research

  • As time goes on Smilegate adds new research to the Expedition Territory that is used as a catch-up mechanic for lower item level characters within the account, or alts. This quality of life update was introduced at the same time as training dummies.
    • The first type of research reduces the amount of fragments needed to fill the item’s EXP at each stage by 20%.
    • The second type of research increases the success chance of refining the item by a flat 10%. This means what would ordinarily be a 40% base chance to succeed becomes a 50% chance. This is effective up to +15 on that current tier, and the bonus deactivates once you are attempting +16.
    • In order to unlock the research, you must reach a certain item level above the tier it is that you want to get those upgrading bonuses on.
      • X02 requires a character that has reached X15 in the next hundredth item level. For example, 1302 (Punika Abyssal Dungeon sets) base item level equipment requires a character that has reached 1415 in the expedition.
      • X40 requires a character that has reached X60 in the next hundredth item level. For example, 1340 (Argos Abyssal Raid gear) base item level equipment requires a character that has reached 1460 in the expedition.

Occasionally, you may obtain legendary quest starters from your Adventure Book or in some cases through rapport. These are very short quests that invite NPCs to your estate as traveling merchants. Often when you log in, you’ll be notified a traveling merchant has visited your estate and you must visit your island to let them in. These NPCs can have good rewards such as skill runes and high tier sailors. They require research once you’ve completed their associated quest to be able to visit. The highest level required by a wandering merchant is 55 (Marte from South Vern’s quest starter). I do not know if only researching specific merchants will make it so that only specific ones can appear in every rotation. Wandering merchants can also sell wares to visiting players to your estate, though the selection is limited to specific wares such as the skill runes, and the quantity available is usually limited to one sale. You have to lock your estate if you don’t want a stranger to come and buy that quantity if you want a friend or guildmate to buy it instead (you have your own private quota you can buy, so you don’t need to worry about someone buying it before you can).

Your Expedition Territory can level up by successfully researching, crafting, and dispatching. Actions are limited by your Expedition Energy, which recovers slowly over time.

You can complete repeatable blue quests on your Expedition Territory to get tickets which can speed up research or dispatch times. Some of these reset weekly.

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