Lost Ark – Explanation of Una Chains / Reputations

Una Chains / Reputations

Una tasks are a daily activity unlocked at level 50. They are short repeatable mini-quests, of which you can do 3 per character per day. They give various rewards for completing them, but the important factor discussed here is that there are “stories” to all of them. Each Una daily you do will reward points towards these stories or Reputations, and when you gather enough points you unlock further rewards.

These rewards can include skill points, stat potions, collectibles, emotes, mounts, and even quest starting items. Additionally, there are some quests that simply will not appear in the game until you’ve done a certain task several times. There is no indication of this in the task window. The only way to find out is to either run the daily yourself and accidentally stumble upon the new quest, or to look it up online.

Another important piece of information for these is you can’t make Reputation progress more than once per day, per Reputation, for your entire account. Running a 7 day long Reputation on 7 characters in 1 day will still only net you 1 day of progress (although all 7 characters will receive the short term reward that is given every time you complete the task). With this in mind, you’re best off finding a handful of reputations or chains that you want, and then spreading them out amongst all of your alt characters. This will allow you to multitask 3 per character until you’ve completed all of your goals.

The last thing to know about these is most of them are locked behind side quests. Yup, in this game there is a skill point potion, locked behind a collectible, locked behind a time gate daily task, locked behind a side quest, which is also locked behind main quest progression. You will get led on goose chases like this a lot. The quest requirement is listed in game, however this isn’t all that helpful given all you get is the name, and if it’s a chain of quests you won’t know what the first one is.

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