Lost Ark – Gear Auction House

Gear Auction House Guide

There is a tab in the Auction House specific for gear. From this tab, you can list equipment, broken gear, accessories, and Gems.

You are able to list gear immediately upon receiving it provided it has a trade count or is bound for wearing.

When buying gear from other players, the buyer will have to use a currency called Pheon in addition to the gold cost in order to purchase the gear. The amount of Pheon required depends on the rarity and tier of the gear. Some items are bound when purchased (they were previously bound when worn) so pay close attention.

Peons Required to Purchase Gear

Weapons and Armor

Tier 11N/AN/AN/A
Tier 21N/AN/AN/A
Tier 31357


Tier 10000
Tier 21111
Tier 3591525

Ability Stones

Tier 11111
Tier 21234
Tier 32359

Ancient-grade accessories in T3 require 35 Pheons to purchase.

In addition to those listed above, Gems can be found on the Auction House as well, and they are alway unbound no matter what, and do not require Pheons.

Lastly, take advantage of the advanced searching UI to find exactly what you’re looking for, be it a T3 accessory with Grudge and your class engraving and Specialization, or an armor piece that has +2 to a tripod that you desperately want. You can even save search presets.

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