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The how-tos, currencies and benefits.


Being a member of a guild can make a big impact on one’s progression by joining a group of like-minded players. While matchmaking is possible for most of the end-game content – sometimes, it’s just easier to do so with friends or guild members. Many leaders organize weekly runs at set times on a given day where players are welcomed to register and participate.

The guild system in lost ark doesn’t offer much beside being in the presence of amazing friends. It doesn’t have a guild hall or anything fancy. It does, however, give weekly guild currency – and the occasional guild wars.

Join or Leave a Guild

Within this menu, we can browse and request to join a guild. Joining requirements vary based on what the leader set them to be – it could be armor level, accepted through reviewed request. Some may even require a password to join.

Upon successful joining, we will be labelled as a [new guildmate] for the next 3 days, after which it will default back to [guildmate]. During this grace period, our access to weekly tasks will be blocked; but we can still contribute through donations.

  • To leave a guild: Guild UI > Manage > Leave Guild

After leaving, there is a short cooldown before we can join another guild – after which we will be labelled as “new guildmate” once again.

Create a Guild

Spend 2,000 silver to open a new guild. As a Leader, we can set up guild notices, orchestrate weekly tasks and guild researches, edit the flag, set the guild currency distribution rate and, if we ever get tired of it, we can change the guild name again!

Changing guild name

There’s a Guild Name Change Ticket in the cash shop worth real money

Posting notices

The guild notice can be updated from the guild UI > Overview > Notice > ⚙️

Editing flag

Open the guild UI > Manage > Edit Flag. We can combine up to 3 pre-defined icons and a flag along with their corresponding colors and shapes. More flags and icons can be purchased with guild currency.


We can invite our friends by going to guild UI > Guildmates > Guild Invite. Alternatively, we can also set our guild to be discover-able by other players: Guild UI > Manage > ☑️ [Add to suggested guild list].

Transferring leadership is executed from the right-click menu when viewing members within the guild roster. Alternatively, we can permanently delete the guild from the Guild UI > Manage > Disband Guild.

Roster List

From here we can see everyone who is in the guild and their online status. The right-click menu let’s us set their rank, report, kick and add nicknames. Note that nicknames cannot be removed unless overwritten by a new one. Due to the limited character count, it’s also impossible at this time to overwrite a nickname back to “guildmate,” “officer” or “guild deputy” because these words are too long…

Beside a member’s name we’ll find a small note field where they can set a short message for others to see. Especially useful to mark alts, event leaders and absence notices.

A house icon can be seen next to that if they have unlocked the stronghold. Clicking it allows us to visit them ✈️

Guild Currency

Once a week, the game will reconcile our guildmate’s personal donations and redistribute it amongst members and the guild bank in the form of “bloodstones” currency.

  • Leaders can set the distribution % ratio from: guild UI > Manage > Bloodstone Distribution.
  • To donate, go to: Guild UI > Overview > Guild Donations.

A member must have reached a minimum of 100% worth personal contributions in order to be eligible to receive their share of the guild currency.

Guild Shop

The guild store can be found in any major cities where we can exchange our precious Sylmael Bloodstone for various items. The store selection is shared across cities — as in, they all carry the same thing and quantities. So if we’ve bought something, then it’s sold out at every other location. Most quantities have weekly allocations whereas they will refill upon server reset on a certain date.

To find out how many more days until an item gets restocked, we can go back to the guild store and view the item. A timer will be displayed on top of it.

We can view our remaining sylmael currency by clicking the treasure chest-like icon in the top bar of the screen > token items > collectibles > sylmael bloodstone.

Here’s a sneak peek at the shop’s products:

  • Silver
  • Character exp potions
  • Honing materials and success rate items
  • Materials used for transferring skill tree effects
  • Entrance tickets for events (Cube, Hall of the Sun, Hall of Silence, etc)

Weekly Tasks

Completing weekly tasks gives guild EXP and guild currency as well. We need access to Una’s Tasks in order to participate – this is unlocked around level 50 shortly after we arrive in North Vern. The Leader can set tasks within the guild menu, under the weekly tasks tab. Doing guild researches can increase the quantity of available quests and their reward level.

[New Guildmates] cannot participate in tasks until the grace period is over…

Accepting Tasks

We can open the Guild Requests inside una’s menu ᴬᴸᵀ⁺ᴶ to participate. Each completion will reward the guild with task points, and once this is full, the weekly task is complete! Shortly after the game’s weekly reset, rewards are distributed amongst the guild bank and the members who participated.

Guild Research

Research for the guild works similarly to the one in the stronghold whereas we choose from a list and then wait for it to be completed. Once the leader has posted a research, we can help shorten the process by selecting [support research] in the Guild UI > Overview.

Guild Wars

Guild wars come in various forms:


Guild exclusive content said to be more difficult than the usual raids. Walking victorious has a pretty good chance to give very special loot.

Guild VS Guild

Selected guildmates can participate in Guild Vs Guild once a week. There is a quantity cap on how many players can join, so not everyone may be able to enter. Participating has a chance to drop guild currency and gold.

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