Lost Ark – How to Fix Stuttering

How to Solve?

OK. Solved here!


  • 1) Disable full screen optimization.
  • 2) High DPI override fix.
  • 3) Run as administrator.

Nvidia Control Panel:

Note: I have 144hz monitor.

  • 1) 120hz.
  • 2) Manage 3D Settings forced VSync adaptative 1/2 (game will run in 60hz VSync on)

Game Settings:

  • 1) Full Screen.
  • 2) Area chat off.

I do not know what exactly worked, but following these steps I have no more problems and the game runs smooth and the FPS remains like a solid rock.


  1. I run with 5900x and 1080ti, had crazy stutters and figured it happens when I move mouse cursor a lot, e.g constant movement with mouse freezes whole game for me and continues once I stop moving mouse, luckily switching to dx9 fixed the issue for me.

  2. Cap your fps to your refresh rate.

    If that doesn’t help then use DDU to uninstall your driver and install the latest driver. I actually got stutter with the previous Nvidia driver before I did this.

  3. Closing the chat helps indeed, and having less chat windows opened, until they fix it. Can’t believe this is still a thing, it trigger me some wories… full screen didnt fix it for me.

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