Lost Ark – Legion Commander Gear Progression Guide

Legion Commander Gear Progression

After South Vern’s update, you will gain access to each of the individual Legion Commanders. Valtan, Vykas, Kakul-Saydon, Brelshaza, Akkan, and Thaemine. Each of these raids provide something different that contributes to gear progression.

ContentItem Level / Median Enhancement
Valtan Normal Mode1415 (+15)
Vykas Normal Mode1430 (+16)
Valtan Hard Mode1445 (+17)
Vykas Hard Mode1460 (+18)
Kakul-Saydon Normal Mode1475 (+19)
Brelshaza Normal Mode P1/21490 (+20)
Brelshaza Normal Mode P3/41500
Brelshaza Normal Mode P5/61520
Brelshaza Hard Mode P1/21540
Brelshaza Hard Mode P3/41550
Brelshaza Hard Mode P5/61560

Kakul-Saydon only has a Normal mode, and Brelshaza’s Normal and Hard mode are a few months apart.

Since the Legendary and Relic sets are both mid T3, your enhancements from your Argos equipment will transfer to them 1:1 without any loss.

For your first Relic set you will need materials from both Valtan and Biackiss in order to complete it.

Normal Brelshaza awards materials used to craft the Upper T3 Relic Set, which boasts higher stats but has the same set bonuses as the Mid T3 Relic Set counterpart. They also share set bonuses, therefore you can activate the set with pieces from both the Mid and the Upper set.

Hard Brelshaza awards an Ancient material used to craft the Upper T3 Ancient set. This set has similar stats to the Relic variant but allows you to upgrade beyond +20 to +25.

Upon clearing any Legion Raid either on Normal or Hard mode, you will always drop materials towards crafting set items. The material in Normal mode is used for creating legendary sets while the material in Hard mode is used for creating Relic sets. In Normal mode, you will additionally drop a few of the Hard mode materials, but you must reach 1445 to be allowed to craft them.

You can obtain additional materials from spending gold to open the chest at the end. There is also always material in the auction for bid among players. Starting from Brelshaza, there are 4 Legion Commanders but you may only select 3 to challenge each week.

Item SlotMaterial Required

If you collect a sufficient amount of materials from both Valtan and Vykas, you are able to unlock a function that allows you to freely switch set bonuses at no cost.

When it comes to Relic items only, when you succeed from one Relic item to another, the quality will transfer if it’s better, and the old item will not be destroyed, but instead reduced to 0 quality (allowing you to dismantle it to get back the materials). 

Below, please reference which raid material is needed to create each set, bearing in mind that weapons require more material to craft than armor.

Normal mode and Hard mode share lockouts. If you complete the raid in Normal mode, you cannot enter Hard mode, and vice versa.

Unlike previous sets, these sets have set bonuses of 2, 4, and 6 items. Your region may not have Vykas available immediately, so you can consider mix-and-matching sets from here or with previous Argos items to come up with a temporary item build until you can later complete 6-set pieces.

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