Lost Ark – Making Gold and Silver

Making Gold

  1. Una Token bags. You get Una Tokens for doing Una’s Tasks each week.  The amount of tokens you can get is determined at the start of the game week.
    • You can claim Una Tokens in the Una menu after achieving 25-70 Una’s Task Points. You get 3 points per daily completed and 12 points for each weekly completed. Una’s Task points can be earned per character, however the Una Tokens are per server (so having more alts does not mean you get more Una Tokens, just that you will get them sooner in the week). From daily Una’s Tasks, you can only get up to 18 points per day (3 characters’ worth).
    • Una Token bags are RNG gold. The amount you get varies depending on luck, for example with the smallest bag most people get around 200 gold, but very lucky people will get 600-1800 gold. It’s in those Gold Bullion items in the bag that have a low chance to drop when opening.
    • Unclaimed Una Tokens on weekly reset will be mailed to you.
  2. Rapport. Numerous NPCs will provide 100-200 gold as a one time compensation for reaching a certain amount of rapport with them. This amount of rapport is usually around 3,000 so start working on them early, or present them with a single Legendary rapport item that you may have obtained through the Adventurer’s Tome completion. This is only really useful early on in a new server as the amount you get is fairly inconsequential.
  3. Chaos Dungeon Bonus Room. Sometimes you will get a red or gold portal after defeating the second boss of the Chaos Dungeon instance. In both cases, upon defeating the enemy in this bonus room, they will drop additional rewards including gold. Red portal gives more gold than the gold portal. You cannot get gold in infinite chaos.
  4. Quests. There are multiple quests in the game that will provide you some gold. All of them are one-time completion. You’ll first notice them with a lot of the purple guide quests you unlock at level 50. This amount is decently significant in a new region that has a gold-deprived market. Quests grant anywhere between 10-100 gold. Take your guide quests from your journal (default hotkey: J).
  5. Gateway Maps. Whenever you complete Cooperative Voyage Missions, you have a small chance to get a key. Keys can be used at the Gateway spots in the sea at specific times when they’re open. When completing a Gateway Map which can be obtained from the Gateway, you are rewarded with a sizable amount of gold.
  6. Adventure Island. Every day, there is a daily Adventure Island that has additional rewards. You can see which Adventure Islands are upcoming through the compass symbol underneath your mini-map. The amount you get depends on your item level, ranging from 80 (new player) to 1000 gold (1400+ item level). There is not always an Adventure Island that provides gold every day.
    • There are two Adventure Islands on Saturday and Sunday in two separate time blocks.
  7. Merchanting. Most things in general can be listed on the Auction House. This includes even equipment. Anything that is selling well that contributes to getting stronger sells well now and will fall in price later. This includes materials to upgrade your gear, gems, Seal Books, and more.
    • Doing life skills and selling materials or crafts falls under this as well.
    • Alts help with getting things to merch.
  8. Abyssal Dungeons contents. Every Abyssal Dungeon you clear gives Gold. They can be cleared once per week. Alt characters can also clear it and also gain Gold for clearing it!
  9. Abyssal Raid in T3 contents. Same as Abyssal Dungeons. You get more gold for more phases cleared.
  10. Legion Raids. Big money, but higher item level entry point.
  11. Pull out that Mastercard.

Making Silver

  1. Alts. This is the only thing to really make more Silver.
    • Chaos Dungeon gives a decent amount of Silver.
    • Cube Dungeon gives a good amount of Silver. If you’re too lazy to complete this, you can use Special Dispatch in the Expedition Territory.
    • Una’s Tasks dailies. It is common to run alts through what is called Ropang missions. You take the Shushire, Arthetine, and North Vern Ropang delivery missions from Ropang Island, and then deliver them to the port harbor of each of those three places. You can use your Bifrost to save teleport spots on the island and next to each NPC for the delivery to complete all three dailies within a couple minutes. The amount of Silver obtained varies but this is by far the most effective day-in-day-out way of making Silver over time.
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