Lost Ark – Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations

Prideholme Mokoko Seed Locations

There are a total of nine Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark’s Prideholme city, and this guide will help players find every one of them.

In Lost Ark, Mokoko Seeds are a unique currency that can be used to buy a range of products from Totoma in Mokoko Village. These things aren’t cheap, however, and players will need to collect a lot of Mokoko Seeds if they want to get their hands on them. To aid fans in this attempt, this guide will list the locations of the nine Mokoko Seeds dispersed across Prideholme city in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Before we get into the locations of the Prideholme Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, it’s worth remembering that MMORPG players may check their Seed collections in the bottom-right corner of the screen by going to the Adventure tab. Within that menu, there is a Mokoko Seed section, which offers information on how many Seeds have been gathered in a certain location. This may be a very handy tool for keeping track of any outstanding Seeds as well as keeping players up to speed on their overall amount of Seeds.

The Map

  • 1 & 2: Lost Ark players should enter Prideholme Cathedral and navigate to its top-left corner. It is possible to pass through a wall in this position by running into it, and fans must work their way through a maze shrouded in darkness to reach two Mokoko Seeds.
  • 3: Next to the large tree that is just east of the Prideholme Cathedral.
  • 4: Descend the stairs to the south of Prideholme Cathedral. The fourth Mokoko Seed is next to a tree in a planter at the bottom.
  • 5: Next to the statue of the roaring lion.
  • 6: Between the mailbox and the Plaza Bulletin Board.
  • 7: Action RPG fans should descend the stairs to the south of the Plaza Bulletin Board. The seventh Mokoko Seed is by potted plants that are on the side of the nearby house.
  • 8: In the field near the scarecrow.
  • 9: Next to the wagon with wheat in it.

The Totoma Card, which costs 50 Mokoko Seeds, is the most affordable item that can be bought with them. Players will have to search far further than Prideholme for their Seeds, since the nine available there are insufficient to purchase anything. Fortunately, there are over 1,000 Mokoko Seeds spread around Arkesia in Lost Ark, so fans who keep an eye out throughout their exploration should be able to build up a stockpile of Seeds quickly.

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