Lost Ark – Reaper Class Breakdown

How The Identity Works

Reaper has 3 kinds of skills. Harvest, shadow and raid skills. The first 2 fill up the green stealth gauge as well as the red chaos gauge. When the green bar is filled you can enter the shadow state that will allow you to create a clone.

This clone can be controlled by pressing down shift. It will send the clone to where your mouse cursor is at the time of pressing the button. For every second you are in shadow state you gain a stack of 30% movement speed and 25% damage towards your raid skills.

Filling up the red chaos gauge provides a 15% crit chance and damage boost as well as 10% move and attack speed. You can maintain the bar by using shadow or harvest skills. Failure to do so after 8 seconds will cause the bar to deplete and you will have to rebuild it.

Moon Engraving

This engraving allows you to skip waiting 5 seconds to gain the max 125% damage stacks and the engraving levels apply the following damage stacks. Lvl. 1: +120% Lvl. 2: +140% Lvl. 3: +160%

For this build the main goal is to stay in shadow state as much as possible so you can maintain the 160% damage boost. Generally the skill rotations would be purple and green to fill up shadow gauge. Then activate the shadow state so you can finish off with a red skill. For reaper, specialty stat governs the damage output of shadow state and awakening skill as well as gauge build up. Having high spec allows you to further increase your damage output. This build is geared towards burst damage vs the constant damage from thirst.

Thirst Engraving

This engraving fills up the red chaos gauge 30% faster and provides a stacking percentage buff every 0.5 seconds while the chaos bar is full. This stacks up to 10 times and provides the following buffs at each engraving level. Lvl. 1: +1.0% Lvl. 2: +1.5% Lvl. 3: +2.0%

For this build the main goal is to keep the red chaos gauge up so you can maintain the 20% damage buff. In order to achieve this, you would want to have low cooldowns on all of your skills. Agility is the main stat that handles this. When you play thirst you would opt for an Agi crit build so that you can continue to keep the red gauge filled while also putting out consistent damage through the raid skills. When you do not have low cooldowns and are waiting for your skills to come off cooldown you run the risk of having the red bar expire. This is because of the 8 second expiration timer on the chaos gauge.

Class Synergy

Reaper’s green skills have a tripod that increases crit damage to you and your allies at 3 stacks. You can reach the 3 with 2 green skills but you would also need to have low cooldowns on them. This debuff lasts 12 seconds.

It is worth noting that reapers are squishy and depend on gems to make their builds much more effective. The lack of cooldown reduction from gems causes reaper to go into a damage-less state when all the skills are in cooldown. Having CDR gems on the skills with CDR tripods allows you to keep low cooldowns on those skills and maintaining red gauge or getting you to shadow state faster. Reaper being squishy also means she has to pay attention to attack patterns more. Ensuring you understand fights and attack patterns is very important because you can die fairly quickly.

Reaper is a difficult class to play. Not many players would be willing to put in the work that is required to put into Reaper, but when you do then you end up with a strong class that is equally viable as the other classes.

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