Lost Ark – Tips for New Players

Do Not Make These Mistakes – For New Players

  • There are 2 type of healing potions the one that recover a fixed amount of health, others that restore a %. When you will level from specific quests and from the founder packs chests you will receive both type of them. Avoid at any cost to use the one that will recover a % because they scale with your level and when you will start doing end game dungeons & raids you will need them “because those are the only one you can bring with you in those activities”. Some people “that won’t use this advice” will pay a decent amount of gold later in auction house to obtain them.
  • If you see side quests with a chain symbol try to not skip them because they give a decent amount of silver and other rewards like skill points.
  • After finishing the East Luttera continent you will be presented to the travels on the sea. This can be confusing because it will seems like the main quest line is ended, don’t just wonder around because the main quest line will change the icon color to blue instead of the classical orange. So start doing Blue quests to progress in the story correctly.
  • Even if you speedrun do not rush the Arthetine continent side quests. This because some of them will unlock the end game features and some blue quests will send you to explore North Vern where you actually unlock the end game content.
  • Don’t do the end game dungeons and raids as soon as you unlock them. First complete the story in the next continent called Shushire. This because it will give you a full set to do end game content. I speak about the full 302 set. But keep in mind that this is subject to how much time you have between hitting 50 and daily reset “1AM/2AM server time”, if you have time to do Shushire before daily reset is better do so this way you can do a higher chaos dangeon for your daily that day.
  • Don’t skip every single side quests because some of them will unlock better daily quests with higher rewards.
  • Don’t ignore the stronghold but start to research new buildings as soon as possible because it take a lot of hours to complete each research. Those researches will allow you to unlock new crafting recipes like better potions or consumables for end game content.
  • Speaking of resources you will need to do researches mainly those are metals & wood. So don’t ignore life skills. I know this can be boring but the fact is that is really limited because each time you gather wood or metal or do any other life skill activity you use a specific energy for this activity. This energy take a lot of time to be restored and is account bound. So making alts won’t help because the life skill energy is spread around all of them. By the way it will take like 30 min to deplete it and it will take 2 days to fully restore.
  • If you will obtain any crate that allow you to choose a card instead of giving it at random, save them and don’t open them. You will want to keep them until you are missing 1 specific card from the deck to complete it.
  • You will often receive some boxes that will give you some special consumables like bombs. Those deals a lot of damage. But is better to save them for the end game content instead of wasting them on leveling that is easy. 
  • Try to avoid dying because once this will happen beside damaging your equipment you also will need to use resurrection feathers if you don’t want to exit a dungeon or to use a triport too far from your location. Those feathers are hard to obtain, despite you can have a good amount of them early if you will waste them you will need to spend real money to get more or complete a specific % of an area to get more. There are tons of ways to get them but in end game they are never enough.
  • Don’t be scared to lose all the durability of your ship and sink in the ocean. You actually become a ghost ship, you later on can dock at any area and repair your ship to recover its durability. If you need to move too far away this can be handy because just becoming a ghost ship and getting to your destination instead of repairing it several times will cost you less.
  • When you start sailing there are some strange island that will ask you for some pirate coins to be unlocked. Don’t waste your money on them, they just will allow you to repair your ship there instead of traveling to the nearest port. But there is an exception where you should spend those 150 pirate coins to repair the ship durability. This occasion is when you perform a co-op voyage missions. This because if you will run out of ship durability you won’t be able to complete all of the co-op missions. In any case, once your ship is upgraded to a decent level and you have a good HP pool, this becomes less important.
  • If you will find special books called Engravings, do not use them until you will learn with one you need. Those books are really rare and can be sold later on for a huge profit. So keep them until you understand with one you actually need. In fact, mainly you will end up selling the one you collect to other players using auction house and then using the gold you gain to buy the books your character actually needs. The concept of Engravings is a complex one and need a separate guide only for it. 
  • Never spend all the gold you have. You will need gold to add your items in the auction house in order to sell them and make more gold. So keep always 100-1000 gold as savings for listing items to be sold to other players. Keep in mind that the fees you pay to list is given you back if the item isn’t sold while is payed only if you actually manage to sell it.
  • In each area there is so called Adventurer’s Tome don’t ignore it. Because completing each 10% you can redeem a special reward and if you manage to get 100% you get a token. For each token you collect you receive special rewards. The most important of with are the potions that increase permanently your skill points. This is also a thing for all the collectibles. So when you have time try to do also the completionist route so you can get the best out from your character in end game.
  • Once you unlock the first mount don’t stop here. You can get free mounts that are faster that the starting one by completing specific % of adventurer’s tome in specific areas. Those mounts has a charge ability that will make you walk faster for a few seconds allowing you to travel faster. Also by using the space bar you can do a leap or jump that also functions as a boost.
  • You don’t need to have a founder pack or spend money in the shop to obtain your first pet and mount. Just progress in the story and in less that 30 min you will have both for free. Keep in mind that the pet will also collect the loot for you so it will help you a lot.
  • Whenever appear a purple mark on the bottom side of the screen this means that you unlocked a tutorial quest. Those quests teach you how works new mechanics and you also get decent rewards by completing them
  • If you will find any Grudge, Sharp Blunt and Cursed Doll Engravings books. Keep in mind that those are the most valuable out there. Because they are the most powerful to have and often mandatory to do the harderst difficulty end game content. So if you find any and you need a lot of gold keep in mind that those will be the most expensive thinks you will be able to sell in auction house. While if you plan to do hard core end game content keep in mind that those 3 engravings are the must have do to their great modifiers that will massively boost your dps in particular at level 3.
  • Don’t underestimate the Auction House, all the end game gear & resources you will loot is sellable. This means that when you don’t need specific gear you can sell it to other people using this AH system. This will help you to get gold, this also will help others to get the gear they need. At the same time through AH you can spend your gold to take from other what you need. This is the most important factor when you try to get the right accessories, engravings you are missing or find better quality gear in general. So you don’t need to save as much gold you can. But try to have a balance between resources you need and the one you have.
  • You will notice that you have 2 levels one in blue and one in purple on your bottom experience bar. Well keep an eye on the purple level. Because each time you will level up you can unlock permanent boots for all the characters in your account. Those need to be claimed manually for each account level. To do so click on the Account icon then choose ” Mission Information”. This will open a tab where you can claim the permanent rewards. Once you will unlock everything scrolling down in the list and claimed everything keep in mind that this isn’t done. In fact, once this will happen on the top bar you will be able to move to the next tier of rewards by clicking on the blue line above the min level. Then once you claim all the tiers you can go to the next page using the arrows on the right side of the tab.
  • Don’t ignore the collections. This because they give you the most of the account xp needed to unlock all the account bound bonuses described in the previous point. In particular the mokoko seeds give you 180 xp points each. Mokokos are in fact the faster and easier way to level up fast the account if you use specific guides you can find around. There are a lot of websites that can help you for the completionist route.
  • Once unlocked your 1st mount you will ask your self if there is a button to summon it. The bad news is nope there isn’t. But this doesn’t mean that the only solution is to open your mount menu select the mount and click ride. Don’t do this, instead click and hold on the mount icon and drag it to the hotbar near above the consumables. This way you can bind it for example to the number 9. This will allow you to summon your favorite mount without opening the mounts menu at all.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your skill points to try out how works specific abilities tripods. You can always revert the change by clicking the minus button near the ability. This is free and can be done whenever you want.
  • After you will finish East Luttera and start to travel on the sea you can move to other continents. But the problem you will face is that you cannot use the triports to get back to the previous continents using fast travel. Well you still can navigate back using your ship but my advice is to not do so. In fact, in the port area you can find a npc that if you will speak to will move you to the already discovered continent by paying a small amount of silver. Keep in mind that traveling by your self not only will take more time but also will use some silver as well because you will need to repair your boat at the end of the travel.
  • Don’t ignore the cards system. Around the world you can loot special carts that you can add to your collection by using it. Well if you complete a collection you gain a passive account bonus in specific statistic. Those can be an increase in damage, critical change, critical damage and any other core statistic of your character. Unlocking full collection give you 1 type of bonus. Plus you also can equip up to 6 cards to obtain extra bonus buffs. Keep in mind that you need to equip at least 2 cards of the same deck in order to unlock the lower tier buff. Then for each extra card of this deck you add the bonus will be increased. Those bonuses can be increased even more. To do so you need to find cards of the same type then spending some silver in the card workshop refine the card in order to be upgraded. The upgraded version massively increase the bonus they will give you once equipped.
  • Don’t ignore the title system. Another secondary system will allow you to obtain titles by completing specific challenges and achievements. Each title you unlock reward you with a passive increase in personality stats so unlocking them all will allow you to unlock new interactions, unlock new quests progression and help with rapport. You also can equip 1 or 2 title that further will increase your stats. The equipped titles can be changed at any time.
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