Lost Ark – Using Life Skill Energy of Life

Life Skill Energy of Life Guide

  • You can level all Life Skills, and you will automatically unlock skills and passives for it as you level it further.
  • Durability will decrease with use, and can be repaired with Silver at a blacksmith or from your pet. Max durability cannot be repaired this way. The item can repair an item’s max durability, which reduces occasionally on use, appears in Mari’s Secret Shop and can also be crafted in the estate (at the bottom of the Tools craft category, crafts in a batch of x80).
  • Tools randomly generate traits upon obtain.
  • All profession nodes give a Common material as well as a chance for Uncommon and Rare materials. This chance increases with certain attributes on the tool, by leveling the skill up, or by harvesting from a Mysterious variant of the node. The Uncommon material depends on the node. The Rare material that you yield is based on your location and not the node. For example, Yorn and Punika Iron Ores have different Rare materials.
    • The Common material is usually the most valuable one since it’s the bulk requirement in needed crafts. It’s often the bottleneck.
  • All tools require Silver to be repaired.
  • All materials and items produced from estate professions (any life-gathering skill you perform on estate nodes) are bound to you.
  • Life materials gathered from the estate are entirely different from those in the overworld. You cannot produce items by mixing them together.

Life Skill Tips

  • Buy green tools until you roll Super Armor on them. They only cost 1,500 Silver and the trait will make your life much easier. Eventually making higher rarity tools is fairly cheap. Super Armor is not needed on a fishing rod since fishing spots are in safe areas.
  • For some professions, you unlock a mini-game at level 20 or 30 of it, which is an occasional test of skill which can reward you greatly for succeeding.
  • Tool swapping is a thing. You can craft a higher rarity tool and use it on only mini-games if you want, since in many cases, the mini-games of professions such as Fishing and Archeology yield far more rewards.
  • Don’t let your Energy of Life cap out – you won’t regenerate more while capped.
  • All nodes will provide the Common resource. Uncommon resources are specific to types of nodes (e.g. only Copper Ore can drop Copper). Rare resources are region specific. So the Rare material you need for your T2 Fusion Stones can come from all nodes in T2 zones (Yorn, Faiten). Mysterious nodes and special actions (kicking trees, blowing up nodes) increase chances of getting rare materials.
  • Cut trees with strangers or your friends. You have to be standing on opposite sides of the tree and the action doesn’t use up anything extra but increases logging speed significantly (pretty much double).
  • If you see a clump of ore and can blow them up with the level 30 mining skill, hit each of them once and then blow them up to maximize your gains from the nodes. Blowing up ores does not consume Energy of Life and gives you new ores to break which have a higher yield.
  • Moonlight Miner (level 20 miner) is basically always good to have enabled while mining. Doubles your Energy of Life usage, doubles your gain. Pretty much lets you double the speed in which you use up your Energy of Life. Also works on Mysterious nodes and gemstone nodes after blowing up ore.
  • The Archaeology mini-game only gives good rewards if you succeed all three times. If you fail on the 1st or 2nd attempt, you can hit escape, and the next Archaeology node that you uncover will have the mini-game for you to try again.
  • Potion of Leap is a purple consumable that when used doubles the amount of energy of life consumed per action but also doubles the yield as well as doubles the EXP. It’s good for up to 3,000 energy before it runs out. You usually get these from events. This does not increase the amount of mini-games that you get though, so don’t use them with Archeology or Fishing.
  • You cannot get World Tree leaves from doing professions in your home.
  • For people who care about life skill min/max efficiency in regards to the refining component used in T2/T3:
    • House Territory Archeology is best for those who want to use up life skill energy the fastest with no hassle. This is unlocked at estate level 15. However, the efficiency is much less, and you cannot obtain the World Tree Leaf collectible this way. Components and crafted components also cannot be sold to others, so no gold is made this way, just items made for yourself.
    • Fishing is for those who want to earn gold but don’t want the stress of world node competition. It is significantly slower than Archeology in terms of energy consumption so uses up much more time, but you do not need to compete with other players over nodes. The yield is better than house archeology but lower than field archeology. For comparison, it takes 4-5x longer to use your energy via fishing to gain about 50% more material than house.
    • Field archeology has the highest efficiency among professions. However, since it is well known that archeology is so efficient, the competition for field nodes can be very fierce in popular locations. This profession is for people who want to maximize their gold at the cost of potentially more time invested and more annoyances on a day-to-day basis.
    • Hunting is somewhere in between but also has open world competition.
    • Herbalism is good for those who want to craft their own battle items.
    • Logging and mining fall off fast in value and are mainly essential for upgrading one’s estate.
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