Lost in Play – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will explain all the achievement possible in the simplest way possible.


This game contains only two types of achievement, all of them are 19 achievement, 14 of them are with the story and cannot be lost, all you have to do is play the game and get it, and the other 5 you have to make certain decisions to get them and I will explain them in this guide.

Story Achievements

Don’t worry about these achievements, you will get them all as you progress in the story of the game

But you’re not the only one

Becoming a Monster
When you become a moster, be careful not to fight one

Smarter than a Forest Critter
You won a game of fox and hounds against a forest critter and lived to tell the tale

Reality Check
You snapped back into reality, or did you?

Smarter Than a Bird
You won a game of crab-checkers against the Seagul

Brain Jello
Complete the Jellyfish puzzle

Sail Away
Survived the ocean and sailed away

Enter the Dragon
You entered the dragon cave (not a reference to the Bruce Lee movie)

Exit the Dragon
You exited the dragon cave (see, there is no Bruce Lee movie by that name)

A dream within a dream

Chicken Run
You broke out of prison thanks to a chicken

That was a nice usurpation!

You made it home!

Dream Job
You entered a dream and retrieved the crown while falling through space merged to your sibling, good job!

Lossable Achievements

Fortunately, the game allows you to repeat the episodes individually, in case you miss one of these achievements, you can return to the episode without replaying the entire game, but you can get them all in your first game.

Frequency Modulator
You really like changing radio stations

In Episode 2, tune/click on the radio in the living room more than 10 times to get this Achievement.

Giant Cat
That’s the second biggest cat I’ve ever seen

in Episode 9, when you are building flying machine. Walk to the right, you’ll meet the giant cat and you will get the achievement.

You just made a baby cry, I hope you are proud of yourself

In Episode 11, you will see the lady washing clothes is carrying her baby behind her back. To get this Achievement, you just need to click on the bra hanging on the washing line, then click on the black shirt with the X when her back is turned and the baby is facing you.

That’s Gross!
You licked the night pot at the prison

In episode 12, when they are all in prison, while playing as the chicken, have to drink out of the night pot in order to get this achievement.

Lonesome George
You made a bone rubble out of the giant turtle, if only we could turn back time

In episode 13, where the girl is telling a fairytale, you will need to find the turtle, brought it to the past (-50) and dumped it in the river. and plant the tree sapling, Once done, travel to the future (+50) and walk across the dead turtle’s shell to get this achievement.

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