Lost in Random – Once Upon A Time Achievement (Lost Storybook Page Locations)

All locations of the lost storybook pages. Collect all 10 pages to learn about the history of Random and the No Dice War.


There are 2 Storybook Pages, both can be found at the Onecroft Harbour.

Page 1 is virtually impossible to miss; climb up the ladder in the right corner and shoot the nearby button to make a bridge to the other platforms.

Page 2 is on the other side of the dock, across from the checkpoint. Before you hop down, make sure to hit the second button to get the crane to raise the crate and then get past the spotlight. There’s a ladder on the other side.


Page 3 can be found after getting the key for the gate to the rest of Two-Town. Head back to Two-Way Street and instead of going straight towards the gate, go right and take the path going uphill. At the top you’ll encounter two square plates with the Page being on the other side of a ledge. To solve the puzzle, step on one of the squares while having Dicey stand on the other, and shoot the green target that appears. Doing so will extend half of a bridge. Switch places with Dicey and shoot the other target to get the rest of the bridge to extend.

Page 4 is found in the Upside Downtown. After talking to Royam, take the right path. When it splits into three paths, take the right path again. When it becomes two, take the left path. Once you reach the lower platform you’ll find a poster for your quest. Opposite the poster is a green target. Hit the target and head back up. When the path splits, go left and you’ll find the Page on the new platform.


Page 5 is located in the Baroness’ Domain. Take the stairs past the drunk and head up towards Wildcard Hill. At the top you’ll find a shooting wall with 5 targets. The Page is inside the nearby crate. You’ll need to stand on the square button and quickly shoot all the targets to unlock the crate.


Page 6 is in a crate at Four Horsemen’s Corner. To open the crate you’ll need to shoot all the surrounding targets before the ticking stops. Starting from in front of the crate, head left through the archway and make your way around the structure.


Page 7 is located near the Visionary’s Shrine. Go past Manny Dex. After finishing the triggered battle, go through the opening opposite of the one that just opened up.


Page 8 will be found after passing through the fake Sixtopia. Keep moving forward, past Mannie Dex. You’ll see the Page on top of a ledge on your right. Take out the enemies, but don’t go over the bridge just yet. Keep to the right, follow the path that runs up the hill and you should end up at the ledge.

Page 9 is found on the other side of the gorge with all the robots. Follow the ghost to Old Sixtopia and then hop down the ledge to Mannie Dex. Head past him and the nearby ledge and take the pipeway on your left. Follow the pipes all the way to the end and then jump down to collect the Page.

Page 10 is found after rescuing Seemore. Rather than going forward, go up the steps to your right and take a left. At the other side of the bridge you’ll find the Page in front of a spiked gate.

And there ya go! Hope that helps! If anyone needs me to clear up anything, let me know!

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