LoveBeat – Treasure Chest

This guide will help you to find more Materials for Treasure Chest.


This guide is dedicated to Treasure chest materials. So, we did a research and we will share where we found materials.

I’m sorry to dissapoint you if you think that this guide will help you easy and fast get those materials, but we are here to just tell you where you can get missing materials, and we want to say that this won’t be very easy!

Keep reading, the most interesting part is going to be revealed!

There are some materials that drop during the game and you cant have ZERO score – you need to play (preferably there should be more then one player in room).

First Page – Part One

Let’s get a look on the first part of first page.

There are some fruits here. So, you can get these fruits when you get success during Love Tree songs. It doesn’t matter either it’s a brilliant lovewater or basic lovewater.

First Page – Part Two

Keep going and look at the second part of the first page which will be continued on the second page!

So, here we can see seeds, pots and so on, connected with garden. So, we think you can gets this ones for buying pots, seed, for watering and gathering your plants!

*There won’t be any notice that you got something, just keep looking for your garden and you’ll get them!

Second Page – Part One

So it is the second part of garden collection.

Just keep taking care for your garden plants and buying new seeds and pots and you’ll finish it.

Second Page – Part Two

Third Page

We don’t know how to get materials from this page, but if you know, you can contact us and we will add your information here!

Fourth Page

Let’s move to the most interesting page!

So you need to play following modes to get exact materials (material – mode):

  • WOW – Individual Classic
  • COOL – Wow Battle, Individual Classic
  • NORMAL – Team PangPang, BombBoom
  • BAD – Team PangPang
  • MISS – Meeting Party, The Trap Mode
  • ALL WOW – The Trap Mode
  • ALL COMBO – Battle Tournament, Individual Classic
  • Power – Team Survival, Battle Tournament
  • VIP – Wow Holic, Beat PangPang
  • Golden Bell – Wow Holic

Fifth Page – Part One

Materials from this page also drop during the game.

  • Right – Title Collector!
  • Left – Defeat the Monster
  • Up – Title Collector!
  • Down – Title Collector!
  • Space – Team Dance Fighter
  • Music – Unknown

Fifth Page – Part Two

  • Sheep – Defeat the monster (Sheep), Nonstop Crazy
  • Arie – Defeat the Monster (Arie), Nonstop Crazy
  • Lalabit – Defeat the monster
  • Polar Bear – Unknown

Sixth Page

The last page contains new material that was revealed during latest updates, so we don’t have any info about how to get this material.

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