MADNESS: Project Nexus – How to Make Gun

Making Gun Guide

Note: You need tinkerer obviously, also if the attachments aren’t appearing you need to clear more stages

Step 1: Get a pistol.

Preferably one that has:

  • No burst mode, to not waste ammo
  • High ammo capacity to get extra ammo

Step 2: Add a shock poker, as you won’t need any other barrel ends due to the ammo type being used and shock pokers are great.

Step 3: Add an NK-50 Buttstock because it’s the best one in the game.

Step 4: Add an eagle eye scope because rifle scope is meh and other scopes have downsides while the eagle eye scope doesn’t.

Step 5: Add a barrel extension, which i chose standard 1 because it seems balanced but you can choose any you like really.

Step 6: Add the 20 round rockets as ammo.

Step 7: Enjoy your new megaman blaster arm!

Created by BunnyAlex321

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