MADNESS: Project Nexus – How to Stay Alive in Arena (Tips)

Arena Tips

Bring hirelings, I’ve found the Acrobatic type ones work best as they have a tenancy to go almost ‘all in’ on sticking their XP into Endurance- which means you can stick them in some real heavy armour, and they can soak up massive amounts of damage while dodging bullets like real bosses.

If you Beat the full level (all rounds before endless) on ‘normal’ or ‘tourist’, you ‘only’ need to beat the first checkpoint on ‘tough’ to unlock madness- which is counter intuitively easier to beat because you don’t need to deal as much damage to kill.

Get yourself at LEAST one really good gun- and focus on meleeing the minions who (shouldn’t) be able to hurt you too badly so you can conserve its ammo for Soldats and halfmags.

More Tips

  • Get yourself gear with + magazines.
  • Dont forget you can get yourself new guns between waves. Go buy yourself a lot of spare guns so you dont have to conserve ammo.
  • You can bypass Engies tac bars by shooting them in your sweet spot. Soldats are bit tougher with low stats, but it works on them too.
  • Get yourself a big long barreled magnum. You can delete half-mags with like 3 of shots to the heads with those.
  • Rifles and submachine guns are really good for deleting enemies tac bars. 2 quick bursts usually gets them efficiently without wasting ammo. Also great for regular goons, since more bullets mean more potential one hit headshot kills.
  • Dont get cornered. Stay in the middle of the biggest room if possible so its easier to give yourself some space when needed.
  • Investing into some melee skills helps so you are not completely helpless if you somehow run out of ammo.
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