MADNESS: Project Nexus – Infinite Money Exploit (Arena Mode)

This guide will teach you how to easily make lots of money in arena mode.

Infinite Money Guide


To perform this exploit your grunt MUST be a tinkerer, which means you’ll have to have completed arena mode at least once in order to get an imprint and unlock this origin.

Note that you’ll also have to reach the point in the story where you unlock the weapon modifications used further in this guide.

Step 1

Go to the store and buy a cheap pistol, I’ll be using the Nevadean Protector Kompact as an example.

Step 2

Equip the pistol and head to the workbench so you can modify it.

Step 3

Buy the 20mm x 10 Magazine and the Shotgun Silencer.

Step 4

Having bought the modifications, the price of your weapon will skyrocket, which means you can sell it again for a ridiculous profit.

Side Note

I haven’t experimented much with this exploit, there might be ways to get an even higher profit, feel free to leave your findings in the comments.

Created by S4ky

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