MADNESS: Project Nexus – S3LF-Eater Guide (Simple Way to Do It)

This is how I have done it and how simplest way I can explain to yall.

Guide to S3LF-Eater

Starting the Mission

In order to start the campaign, you must first finished the main campaign. After that go to Science Tower location of the map. Go the left side of the map and you will see Security and { something something } Building. Go Up the stairs and you will find a new door with Blue Neon Marking on it. Just go in there. You can read some lores and such and keep going inside until you see a Shrine with a Clockwork theme Sword stuck inside it. Take it and you will start the campaign.

Starting this will spawn S3LF-Eater to hunt you. He can one hit kill you with his charge attack so make sure to have another companion that you can switch to when he grabbed you. You can save your grabbed companion by pressing E From Behind.

Kill It to Progress

S3LF-Eater is freaking Tanky. My best advice on killing it is Close Quarter while your companion shoots it. Time your blocks so it won’t use his charge attack. That’s my best advice.

Just hit it until it die.

Cyber Bandit Shrine & Cyber Marking

After killing it, it will lead you to one of the Sectors of the Nexus City. It’s random because I got Industrial Sector and my Friend got Residential Sector. Go to the sector that you get and you will see a portal in that sector ( it will always be there so don’t worry about it moving ). Go in there and kill those bandit and interact with the book on the shrine. You will be told to find 5 Cyber Marking things.

I am not sure if the Cyber Markings are static or random. For me, I got them in this order.

  • 1 in Science Tower.
  • 2 in Mining Sector.
  • 1 in Outskirts.
  • 1 in Residential Sector.

If you don’t know where they are, you can kill the S3FL-Eater for hints. It’s hard but it’s the only way to know where the Markings are.

Forging the Sword

After getting the markers you can go back to the Cyber Bandit Shrine. The locked door will now be open. Progress normally until you see another Shrine. Kill the Half-Mag bandit and interact with the Shrine. You will be told to get the sword parts.

Warning: This Part is what confuses the others but this is how I think it works.

So, when finding the sword parts. I believe you may need to kill the S3FL-Eater because the locations that I get is not the same as my friend again. The Sword Part Portals are random I believe.

In order to know where they were, you NEED to kill S3FL-Eater for it.

Once you kill it. It will give you a Sector. Go to that Sector. Kill S3FL-Eater again just to make sure that you are in the right Sector. If it gave you a Sector that you are already in it, that’s mean you are in the right Sector to search for the Sword part.

Because when I killed it, It gave me Mining Sector. I searched for it but to no avail. So I killed it again and it gave me Commercial Sector, that’s when I found the Second Part of the Sword.

So, Kill S3FL -> Get Location -> Kill it again to confirm, if not go to the location that it gave you > if hint Location is where you are at. Run around the map to search for the portal (it’s not hard to miss, it’s a giant Blue Portal coming up from the ground).

The Sword Parts go accordingly.

Hilt. Handle (I forgot this one, Somesort of holder). Blade.

Remember, if you reach the Sector that it gave you, make sure you kill S3FL-Eater again to confirm that you are in the right sector.

Killing the S3FL-Eater

Once you get all the sword parts go back the Sector where you have your Bandit Shrine. Go all the way back to where that Half-Mag Bandit is in. Interact with the Shrine and Forge the Sword. You now have a way to kill it.

S3FL-Eater has 3 Corpus. It’s still Tanky but I won’t Spoil how it fight. Have fun fighting it and getting the kill.

Once you are done killing it, take the sword back to the place where you started the Campaign and place it back.

You have officially beaten the update DLC.

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