MADNESS: Project Nexus – Vampire Hunting Guide

Guide to Vampire Huntin’

Hey there! Looks like you’ve recently been burned by Fickle Friend;s and looking to avoid that walk of shame back through that admittedly cool lookin club.

Basically vampires are more or less immune to everything but fire damage. So if you thought a stake would help you were wrong. Might as well been using the toilet.

So, I’ll explain what you need:

  • 4 laser pistols with rifle batteries, duel wield. Or two if you aren’t looking cool. You really just want ammo to throw downrange.
  • Grenades.
  • Extra mag clothes.

As soon as the vampires show up, start spraying and praying with the lasers. One good headshot with fire damage in the sweet spot seem to kill them. If not one then 2. You should have more than enough ammo with the extra mags

When you walk outside the club and get gangbanged, don’t hop down. Chuck grenades at your feet and try to dodge the blast. If you don’t land it you’ll probably lose a corpus, but it’s worth the 7 or so vampires you’ll kill

The rest of the time just dump mags on them. You should have enough.

Level really isn’t that bad when you use laser weapons.

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