Mahjong Strip Solitaire: Harem Guild – Complete Achievements Walkthrough

Come get your harem of achievements!

100% Achievement Walkthrough


You can be stuck without matching tiles and there is no automatic shuffle like other games of that genre. The shuffle is a special ability (button with arrows) with a limit. Use it wisely. For this, match all tiles by yourself, then use the search ability (button with a magnifying glass) to find any tiles that you failed to see. Now the the shuffle ability and keep going to the same process until you clear the stage.


Start the game.

Feels like the first time

  • Play the game.

Clear any stage by matching all the tiles.

Clear 1 Stage

  • Match all the tiles and clear a stage.

Clear the four stages from Tina.

Clear: Tina

  • Clear all of Tina’s stages.

Clear the three stages from Sara.

Clear: Sara

  • Clear all of Sara’s stages.

Clear the three stages from Nell.

Clear: Nell

  • Clear all of Nell’s stages.

Clear the three stages from Alicia.

Clear: Alicia

  • Clear all of Alicia’s stages.

Clear the four stages from Sonia.

Clear: Sonia

  • Clear all of Sonia’s stages.

Complete all stages from the five girls.

Master of the Solitaire Guild

  • Clear all the stages.

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