Main Assembly – Controls

Controls & Shortcuts


  • Fly forward/sideways – W/S/A/D
  • Fly up – Spacebar
  • Fly down – C
  • Fly faster – Left Shift


  • Extrude – Hold CTRL, click and drag
  • Curve – Hold ALT, click and drag
  • Grid Size – Numpad +/Numpad – to change, Numpad * to reset
  • Flip Part – Hover or select a part, press F
  • (Un)mirror – Hover or select a part and press M. Parts are mirrored by default, the one selected/hovered is kept.
  • Programming – Press P
  • Print / Possess – Press Enter
  • Rotate Part – Use Mousewheel while a part is selected or hovered


  • Respawn – Press Backspace
  • Flip Bot – Hold E while looking at the bot from your drone
  • Delete Bot – Press Delete while looking at the bot from your drone


  • How do I save things? Press Tab, then pick the Bots menu at the top to load/save/share your creations.
  • How do I make a new bot? Press Tab, then pick the Bots menu at the top and hit Start New Bot.
  • How do I change colours? Press Tab, pick the Catalogue menu, expand the right-hand side window, click Edit colors.
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