Maneater – The Best Shark Evolution Combo

Here is a shark body combination that works well when playing Truth Quest.

Guide to Shark Evolution Combo

Start Off

All of the body evolution’s are good in their own way but when I was playing Truth Quest I found the best combo and it worked out very well for me so I’m showing you all what I found.

And yes having a full Bio-Electric or Bone etc. set works well but they have their weaknesses.


For the head I chose the atomic head, the damage it does to boats is very good when fixed with my Fin choice.


The mouth is the Bio-Electric Mouth as it is good against prey, giving them stun counters stunning them every 4-5 bites. This makes fighting the big fish so much easier.


The body was the hardest to decide on because all the evolution’s for the body are very good but I went for the Atomic Body because on Truth Quest you have to destroy sonar towers and it is very difficult trying to use the Sailor’s grenades. The Atomic Body has a laser beam that you can shoot and it is very powerful against the big fish of the sea as well.


The fin option was a no brainer for me, I went with the Bone Fin because against boats and even helicopters E/Q spam works wanders combined with the Atomic Head. Also does will against fish grouped up together.


My shark was pretty slow so I went with the Shadow Tail only because it has a speed increase and and it also debuffs the prey whilst poisoning them which also increases more more you use the whip shot.


For the organs I went for passive speed and low health speed, health regen and damage reduction. I think those are what worked out well for me and my shark.

Created by Scorpion

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