Manor Lords – Crashing on Start-Up [Fixed]

Crashing on Start-Up / General Crashing Troubleshooting

There have been several bugs reported of crashing on start-up. These have been logged and are under investigation. As noted by the developer:

99% crashes so far are old drivers. And when people say “I updated the drivers”, I check logs and see old drivers. The other is the game defaulting to FSR and people having older GPUs – for this you need to disable FSR in the settings.ini for now but that will be fixed soon.

Gregg ‘Slavic Magic’ Styczeń

Before reporting a crash report, please ensure your drivers are fully up to date. Sometimes hitting “update” on third-party driver management software doesn’t always work. You can grab Manor Lords friendly drivers here:

AMD Driver Announcement:

Nvidia Driver Announcement:

If you believe your GPU is older and that you may have the FSR issue, please follow the steps laid out above for the settings.ini file.

If you have done all of the above and are still experiencing crashing issues, please submit a bug report as normal, indicating that you’ve updated your drivers and disabled FSR so QA knows this could potentially be a new issue.

PC Game Pass Version

If you’re using the Game Pass version of this game, it’s now the same as the versions on Steam and other stores. Your game should be at version 0.7.955.

If something’s not working right, here’s what you should do:

  1. Update your stuff: Make sure Gaming Services, the Xbox app, and Game Bar are all up-to-date. Just open up the Microsoft Store, hit ‘Library’, and check there.
  2. Check your account: Make sure you’re logged into your Xbox account in the Xbox app and the Game Bar (you can open Game Bar with Win+G).
  3. Reinstall Gaming Services: If it’s still not working, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Gaming Services.

Still having trouble? Head over to the Bug Report section on Discord and drop a bug report there.

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