Marauders – Solo vs Group Tips

Just thought I’d offer some tips for solo players who may be struggling against groups, and keeping in mind I am new to this game but not new to this type of game.

Solo vs Group Tips

Reposition, reposition, reposition. It’s tempting to think if I move they will hear me, but let me tell you hearing is overrated. Yes, you want to hear the enemy first ideally, but once that happens what… you freeze until they cross your view? NO! Maybe you get one, but you’re probably stuck in a corner frozen hoping they don’t spot you.

They are in a group, and if they call out their positions to each other over discord it’s a lot of noise that makes them lose focus. If you reposition, you can flank or they might even team kill each other after losing visual confirmation.

Shoot everything that isn’t you. You’re solo, they are not. They could shoot on sight anything that moves, but more than likely they pause to say “is that you?” and that small pause is all you need to kill them.

Make your first shot count. After that first shot, they will be onto you. Your first shot should ideally kill one of them.

Who cares about honor? Literally ambush your way out of anything you can survive. If you’re in a fight and they are winning, drop back. a long way back. Long enough to heal and relax your pulse. They may hunt for you or disengage. Either way you keep your loot and your life that much longer.

Rat life: I approve of your rat lifestyle, but I think you should try and engage as soon as you figure out how to make paper. The game will become a much richer experience when you’re not afraid to take fights. Rats lose because they NEVER fight. They never have the experience to reposition or develop that intuition.

Grenades are your second man. Seriously. If you can use grenades you can stop them moving up on you, you can kill them behind cover, you can attack two sides at once. Nades are amazing. Go after that craft ASAP and make sure you bring them whenever you are able.

Learn the maps. I’m not just talking about navigation, but where you can and can’t vault. Where the best cover offers the best angles, and how to take high ground quickly. Where sprinting is most important. Learn sound cues. This is the hardest tip because it takes time and experience. Just try and analyze every fight you lost and record your gameplay if you can.

If other dedicated solos wanna hop in, go for it. I love playing Solo. Yes, I lose a lot but once you learn how to make money you stop caring about whether you die and how much loot you get. Keep at it!

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