Mario Kart Tour – Tips and Tricks

This page contains tips and tricks for Mario Kart Tour, a new mobile game developed by Nintendo that brings your favorite kart racers to your phone. Whether you’re a Mario Kart veteran or a first-time player, these tips and tricks will help you race straight to the top.

General Tips and Tricks

No matter how much time you might have in previous iterations of Mario Kart, Tour is in many ways a vastly different game. Because it’s been developed for mobile, it plays differently and works in a more mobile-centric way.

There’s microtransactions, gacha mechanics, plenty of unlockables and more. It can be quite overwhelming at first, but these tips and tricks will get you where you need to go (which is first place!).

Login Every Single Day, Even If You Don’t Actually Play

Mario Kart Tour uses daily login bonuses to incentivize players to come back each day. You should take advantage of these bonuses as logging in requires nothing more than just a few taps. Open the game on your phone each day and you’ll receive a login bonus.

These bonuses include coins and rupees, and are a free and easy way for you to obtain a currency you’d otherwise have to earn in game or with your wallet.

Go to the Shop Every Day

Whether you’re someone who has problems with microtransactions or someone who cares little about them, the Mario Kart Tour Shop is worth checking out for the Daily Selects alone.

In the store, there are sets with higher price tags to be purchased and there are Daily Selects. The Daily Selects change daily as their name implies and often feature new characters and other items at relatively cheap prices.

Things like the sets and Gold Pass can only be purchased using real money but the Daily Selects features items that can be purchased with gold coins, which you can earn during each race.

Save Your Rupees

Rupees are one of Mario Kart Tour’s currencies that can be earned by completing cups and challenges. They’re not nearly as easy to earn as gold coins, but they’re just as useful.

Gold coins can be used to purchase things from the store like Daily Selects while Rupees are used to fire off the game’s signature green pipes.

It costs five Rupees to pull a single green pipe. For 45 Rupees, though, you can fire the green pipe 10 times. It might be tempting to fire the green pipe one at a time, but if you can hold off until you reach 45 rupees, you’ll essentially be getting a free green pipe pull.

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