Marisa’s Inconceivable Journey – What to Do If You Get Stuck

Quick guide on how to get through the game…

Start of The Game, Marva Village

Note: Credit goes to Er_Piccio

  • If player selected normal or genius INT,
  • the first thing is gather enough fruits and sell them to get 100 copper coins,
  • then register an adventurer.
  • Ask the mayor about the location of next town.

Foret Town

  • Go to outside forest of Foret town, find a tent and a treasure box.
  • Open the box, you can find 10 dry foods. Don’t eat or sell them.
  • Bring them to the cat in Marva village.
  • Now you can enter the sewer system.


  • Next, you will find 5 silver coins in the sewer.
  • 4 from their treasure box, talk to right side ghost of church to get the last one.
  • Now leave the sewer and sell these coins.
  • You will have enough money to buy an iron axe in the guild of Foret town.

Gathering Resouces

  • Equip the axe, gather softwoods and exchange them for EXP.
  • Gather hardwoods can exchange for money.
  • Soon you will earn enough money to buy the house.


  • You will find another axe in a box.
  • Sell it and its box, buy a bed and book shelf from village shop.
  • Sleep in the bed for 100 times.

Last Things

  • After you upgrade to middle adventurer, you can enter Rockore town and find Crossden port.
  • In the demon mainland, you can exchange 99 twigs for 99 gold ores.
  • finishing a quest of noble you will get 1500 exps and a lucky coin.
  • Sell it and buy holy potion or gold coins.
  • That’s all.
  • When you can board the magic ship, all things will be much easier.
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