Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Fix for the Photo Mode

Simple workaround for accidental opening of the photo mode.

Quick Version

Go to the controller settings in Steam overlay and change joystick behavior from regular press to long press. You can also change duration of the long press in joystick settings.

Detailed Guide

  • Open in-game overlay (Shift + Tab).
  • Open Controller Settings.
  • Select Edit Layout.
  • Select Joysticks.
  • Select cogwheel next to Right Stick Click.
  • Select Regular Press.
  • Change it to Long Press.
  • You can change duration of the Long Press.
  • Open Settings.
  • Change Long Press Time.
  • Default is 450, Try whatever will suit you best. I used 300.
  • Apply same changes to the Left Stick.
Created by Polix

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