Mass Effect: Andromeda – Hang Time Achievement Guide for Keyboard

This guide will save your nightmare for Hang Time achievement for those who are using keyboard and mouse and have no controller.

Save File Edit

This part is critical to get the Nomad tilt front upward for keyboard.

You Must Not Be In The Game.

1) Navigate to your save file. C:/Users//Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect Andromeda/Save

2) Create a backup, if you want to. Open “ProfOpts_profile” using Notepad and add these lines:

GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.axis 0 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.button 31 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.category 2 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.mapping 1 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.mod 255 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.negate 1 GstKeyBinding.Keybindings.Concept_VehiclePitchDown.2.type 2

Warning: Copy and paste! DO NOT EDIT or REPLACE those values like I did because it will not work.

3) Well, the obvious part – save the file.

Key Bindings Removal

  • Launch the game.
  • Тavigate to your Settings > Controls > Key Bindings
  • Remove or clear the binding for brake/reverse button, which is S by default.

Warning: Clear it. It doesn’t matter if it has no binding.

Hang Time Achievement

Now, you can get the achievement.

But you have to HOLD the “S” key while airborne, although it has NO BINDING. “It just works” like controller to tilt the Nomad front upward.

Reverse Save File Edit

You can leave the settings as you wish but Nomad will not function normally.

Again, you must quit the game. Copy the original or backup of “ProfOpts_profile” and paste it back in your C:/Users//Documents/BioWare/Mass Effect Andromeda/Save

Launch the game and add your key binding for reverse/brake button for Nomad.

Created by ReconS06

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  1. Thank you, work perfectly once I realized I couldn’t steer and tilt at the same time. Saved me hours more frustration!

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