Math Hero – Achievements Walkthrough

1 guide + 1 calculator = 100% achievements.

Complete Walkthrough with Achievements

Summary with Tips

First off, you’ll probably need a calculator, especially for the last multiplier, if you’re not a math genius. Open the calculator on your computer or take one by hand. You can also take advantage of writing calculation numbers by part by pausing the game by pressing ESC and returning with ENTER. Pauses also allow you to stop the quick spawn of enemies. And use the keyboard input number and the movement keys you are most used to.


There are 7 achievements and the goal in each is to kill two enemies with the specified multiplier. This multiplier is changed by messing with the options for basic calculation operations and the maximum number of digits in the settings that you can access by clicking the gear button in the main menu.

Score x 1

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 1”

Score x 2

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 2”

Score x 3

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 3”

Score x 4

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 4”

Score x 7

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 7”

Score x 8

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 8”

Score x 12

  • Kill 2 enemies at “Score x 12”
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