Max Payne 3 – XP and Cash Cheat

Infamous way to get max xp and cash in times of a dead multiplayer. This might be helpful to get the most payneful Level 50 achievement.

How to Cheat

Note: Credit goes to Aquilius

Well I know cheating and hacking is never a legit way to achieve certain things. But nonetheless the multiplayer is pretty darn dead in 2023 and arcade xp grinding takes pointless 30+ hours for Level 50, this is still a legit way to gain the most payneful and longest achievement in the game, the infamous Level 50. Also this guide provides a solution to gain enough cash to buy everything ingame.

First of all you need the third-party application OpenIV. You can find this via a google search. This is a legit tool to edit data from various Rockstar games.

So start OpenIV and select Max Payne 3. Once loaded enable editing via “File” and “Enable Edit”.

You need to edit two files. One for the XP and another for the cash. The xp file is to be found within update.rpf and the cash file within common.rpf.

Now go to update.rpf/common/data/tune/arcade and rightclick on arcademodesettings.xml and select “Edit”.

Now scroll down until you find the map for chapter 4.1 and edit the highlighted value for New York Minute Platinum XP to 650.000. It’s the fourth map entry in the file and the map’s name is “s_nyc”. You can also edit the values for the lower medals, if you can’t do it platinum. Also you can edit for the two other gamemodes, if you prefer to play those. With 650.000 xp you will get level 50 with just one completed round in 4.1.. With a total of just 11 4.1. runs you will rush to Legend level 10.

If you don’t edit the cash values you will end up with just 5.000 cash as you receive the cash only for the last completed level. So you better also change that. Go to common.rpf/data and rightclick on rank.csv and select “Edit”.

Scroll down until you find the cash values for each level. Edit the value for level 50 to 250.000. This is enough to buy everything after you rushed yourself to Legend level 10.

As said before there is no point in 2023 with a dead multiplayer to grind 30+ hours for one achievement and some simple ingame completion.

After you did everything it might take a few hours and restarts until the achievement will pop. Also scan the gamefiles with steam afterwards to get a clean install again.

Have fun!

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