Mechanibot – Achievement Guide

In this guide I’ll explain how to unlock all the achievements in Mechanibot.


Note: Credit goes to missiloon

Welcome to my achievement guide for Mechanibot.

You can easily check your achievements in-game as they are on the mission board. The achievement pops after completing the mission through the mission board and closing the mission board.

Most of the achievements don’t require any explanation, only a few does. that is why I grouped most of them together. At the end of the guide, You’ll find the ones that needed an explanation.

Max Level Achievements

The following achievements are for having a specific robot on max level. The max level is 4 and you can see the level of a robot during the buy phase in a run. the stars underneath the robot show their current level. The achievements below unlock new robots.

Get Fireball to max level.

Get Bomber to max level

Get Trickshot to max level.

Get glowbot to max level.

Get Shield to max level.

Get Seeker to max level.

Team Achievements

The following achievements are all for having a team with 4 of the same class. This doesn’t have to be their primary class, but can be the secondary class. You can easily track this on the right side of the screen when you’re in a run in the buy phase. The achievements below unlock new robots.

Have 4 Explorers on your team

Have 4 Rangers on your team.

Have 4 Nuclears on your team.

Have 4 Elementals on your team.

Have 4 Magicals on your team.

Have 4 Drillers on your team.

Have 4 Scorchers on your team.

Have 4 Blasters on your team.

Boss Achievements

The following achievements are for defeating each boss at least once in the game. You’ll fight them more than once to get to the true ending.

Lambda Core
Defeat the Lambda Core.

Spike Armor
Defeat the Spike Armor.

Slime Armor
Defeat the Slime Armor.

Theta Core
Defeat the Theta Core.

Repair the Sun.

Misc. Achievements

The following achievements don’t need any explanation:

Heal 500
Heal a total of 500 HP with wrenches.

Heal 5,000
Heal a total of 5,000 HP with wrenches.

Defeat 1,000
Defeat a total of 1,000 enemies.

Defeat 10,000
Defeat a total of 10,000 enemies.

The following achievements need an explanation:

Spend 250 Gold
Spend a total of 250 gold.
See the achievement below.

Spend 1,000 Gold
Spend a total of 1,000 gold.
I’m not sure what counts toward this achievement, as I got it as my last achievement. So that makes me wonder if only the costs for buying the robots count toward this one. I’m pretty sure that the “shuffle” option in the store doesn’t count. During one run I finished I kept track of my spendings (this includes robots, upgrades, and shuffle) and that was around 200, so if everything would count it would be easy, but it took a long time to unlock it.

Limit Break
Expand your team beyond the initial limit.
The first time I got this option was through a big chest I got on the third world. I have seen it there a lot more, but later on i also got it as an upgrade in the shop.

A Ball Order
Be one with the ball.
You have to take the ball in the hub world on your run. You do this by placing it next to the train before you hop on it. I’m not 100% sure how I got this but I think it is by holding the ball while the last boss does the attack where you get hit with a sword.

Defy Fate
Ended the cycle.
You have to complete 5 runs to get this achievement.

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