Medieval Dynasty – P.O.I. Locations Map (Caves, Hidden Treasures, Camps and More)

On this post of Medieval Dynasty guide, you can find out where to look for some POI (point of interest) like: caves, reed, clay, cart, items, hidden treasures, camps and bandits!

P.O.I. (Point of Interest): Where to Find?


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Hidden Treasures



FAQ + Tips

Pro Tip: Build your Palisade left to right.

I just realised, after a many years, that my extensive palisade fence is wrong. At least half is back to front, with the cross bar on the outside.

I now have to go a demolish and change it back, maybe half a mile of it. So always build left to right, so its the correct way round.

Cant catch any pike! Does it have to be planted close to an area where pike swim?

No, your fishing hut doesn’t need to be around the fish areas to be able to produce. It doesn’t matter at all where you place it.

Did you set the fishing hut tasks to actually fishing pikes and have fishing spears in the fishing hut or resource storage?

If that seems ok, then your villagers might not have anything else to eat or drink, so they will eat the raw pikes immediately for food or water content, before you even see it appear?

Secret stash to hide stuff from your coop peers?

  • Without much walking I think hiding in plain sight is the only way.
  • Drop a bunch of random stuff, some upside down baskets, put ur hidden stuff under the basket.
  • You can also place some baskets very close to the blueprint, then build the building and get some overlap.
  • I don’t suppose anyone would use inspector mode to see what’s underwater. So find a spot in a river or lake and drop your stuff to the bottom.

How to raise worker efficiency?

Other than the perk you can take under diplomacy that increases their productivity; there’s nothing you can do.

If what you mentioned was an event, it’ll be only for the current season and all should be back to normal the next season.

Useful Tips

The stumps thing is definitely worth knowing.

Knowing to make simple bags, stone knives, and copper knives for production tech definitely helped me out.

One thing I didn’t do for a long time was buy a donkey. Which was stupid because a donkey is really useful. A fully upgraded horse means you can get around the map ridiculously quickly.

Another thing I didn’t do for a long time was use Market Stalls, which again was stupid, because they’re useful for both making cash and getting rid of junk.

Actually, one thing which was really useful was knowing how to see the limits of objects and structures. The hours I spent trying to get my wonky fences to go around fields properly! Holding your hammer, set it to “Destroy” rather than “Build”, and all your field outlines will be illuminated in red. Now you can build fences with precision, although obviously be careful not to accidentally destroy the field.

Knowing there was interior lighting for houses was also useful (candles and lanterns), and up to 10 decorations will increase villagers’ mood (and therefore production output). Some players figured out a way to illuminate non-residential buildings with lanterns too, but I’ll let you find that yourself on YouTube.

Maybe don’t allow all your villagers to have children at the same time, lol. Not unless you want 80 extra unemployed mouths to feed.

Building a resource storage next to a mine is indeed useful, and I took it a step further and built a resource storage outside every town on Oxbow. The extra capacity comes in handy, and they can help with quest items, and unloading large amounts of surplus crap onto vendors, especially if you’re not playing with unlimited carry capacity.

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