Medieval Dynasty – Quick Starting Tips for Newcomers

A list of some basic information about some game mechanics that gets asked and answered frequently on the game forum.


Your villagers can ONLY eat from the village food storage.

They do not eat raw meat and they go through the food list Alphabetically (as of ver 0115).

As of patch food spoils in time (read the patch notes for specifics), so food dropped on the ground will disappear after a while (unlike other resources that you pick and drop that stay where you leave them on the ground).

Wood / Warmth

Villagers need to warm their houses, especially in winter.

They will use Firewood/Sticks/logs from your MAIN storage (in that order).

Firewood burns better than sticks/logs, so crafting logs into firewood manually when needed is recommended.

Crafting logs into firewood manually is best done on top/at arms reach of storage chest because firewood is extremely heavy.

You can build the walls of ANY house from stone rather than sticks. Stone walls decrease firewood consumption.

Keep in mind that as your village population grows, so does their firewood needs. Your lumberjack may not be enough to provide the needed wood. Either put workers on the task or higher skilled ones (Extraction Skill).


The higher housing Tiers provide extra beds for children. Cannot have more than 2 adults per ANY house.

The player can only have 1 child after getting married. Having the player live in more than a small simple house has no benefit.

You can change the type of materials to build house walls with by pressing ‘E’ on EACH section of the house and choosing from the menu that pops up.

If you have already built a house from sticks and want to make it stone, u need to switch your hammer to “Destroy mode”, destroy the section and go back to build mode to build a new section to replace the old one.

You can only destroy sections at a time (what you are pointing at) so don’t worry about destroying the whole building by mistake.

It is highly recommended Not To Change The Door Placement, could lead to NPCs getting stuck.


There is no need for workers in the storage buildings. The feature is not implemented yet.

Workers do no need tools/fertilizer/seed/feed to do their jobs. This will change in later updates.

Workers placed at a resource production building (Woodshed, Barn …) put the resources in the related village storage. If those storages are overloaded they will put stuff in the production building chest until that is full and YOU will have to move them manually to where you need them.

It is recommended to keep an eye on your village storages and prevent ithem from reaching the max weight limit either by building more same tier storage or higher tier ones.

Note that for storage buildings specifically, the weight limit is cumulative AND the storages are LINKED (ie you can access things inside from any of the related buildings).

Gameplay / Quests Related

There is no need to “Rush” your progress. The main chapters are your guide as to what your goal is at the stage you are at and they provide progression stages for your village. You can simply follow and you will progress “normally”.

Trees Do Grow Back within 2-3 years if you do not remove the stumps with a shovel.

Uniegost’s Quest part 2 (and later) is time triggered (years!), so just wait for it, it is not bugged.

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