Merchant of the Skies – How to Trade

A basic guide to the Merchant of the Skies trade screen and the trade action.

Introduction to Trade

Trade Screen

Below is the trade screen for Merchant of the Skies.

1. You money – How much money your character has and is the primary source of funds for all financial transactions.

2. Your ship – What goods is on board your ship.

3. Buying – This is where goods you will be buying will be placed prior to confirming the trade.

Note: You can only trade a maximum of six stacks of goods.

4. Selling – This is where goods you will be selling will be placed prior to confirming the trade.

Note: You can only trade a maximum of six stacks of goods.

5. Merchant – What goods the merchant has available. The numbers shown indicate exactly how much of each good is available.

6. Trade Post – A generalised indication of how much the goods are going for. Coins range from 1 to 5.

7. Trade – How much tax will be charged on trades, which is taken off the sale price. Only the final, post tax, price is shown in the selling box (if no purchases are being made.)

Trade Post

What do the coins mean?

All basic goods offered by a merchant have a number of coins next to them, this indicates their relative price.

1 Coin: Cheap

This is the lowest amount that can be charged for this good, a great purchase price for you.

2 Coins: Slightly Under Price

Cheaper than normal and a decent purchase price. Be aware you can still lose money on trades due to tax.

3 Coins: Average

The normal price charged for this good. Only profitable if being purchased and sold for five coins, or selling one coin purchased goods.

4 Coins: Expensive

Goods are being sold for more than normal price. This should be your normal minimum selling point for decent profits.

5 Coins: Very Expensive

Goods are massively over-priced than normal. Perfect for selling anything from 1-3 coins, although selling anything picked up for 1 coin is perfect.
Introduction to TradeThis is the classic buy low and sell high.

The ideal is to purchase a good listed for one coin and selling at five coins, but at the very minimum you are looking for a two coin difference in prices to make any form of profit.

Or in other words your minimum targets are:

Buy / Sell

  • 1 Coin / 3 Coin
  • 2 Coin / 4 Coin
  • 3 Coin / 5 Coin

But in all honesty if you aren’t at least managing 1:4 or 2:5 coin trades you will find it very difficult to make money.

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