Midnight Castle Succubus – Red Orb Locations

Red Orb Locations

Note: Credit goes to Jelleleigh

Map A

  • 1: Rescue the first girl
  • 2: Rescue the girl
  • 3: Head down into the sunken ship area and break the lantern
  • 4: In the Village, after talking to the monster on the roof, getting the hint from the old man and pressing up on the tombstone in the center of the cemetery, take the village roof to the right, go down the staircase and into the door. Break the floor several times on alternating sides to reach the bottom. (If you have the thief or mage equipped, they might shoot the lantern to drop the orb, and it will despawn before you can get to to. Best to do this one without their interference)
  • 5: Rescue the girl. She’s hidden behind a wall underwater at the far right of the room.
  • 6: Rescue girl
  • 7: Take the stairway into the sky cave and rescue the girl in the cabin
  • 8: This one’s tricky. At the end of this area there’s a bunch of invisible platforms that you have to attack to make them appear. But before you get to them, attack the ceiling of the cave where it starts to turn upward. Then strike blindly inside this ceiling area to reveal more platforms. Orb is at the top left in a candle. This one’s much easier if you can fly.
  • 9: On your way down the stairs with the skeletons, break the red bricks near the top.
  • 10: Rescue the girl near the first entryway to map B (just break the bricks between you and the door). I’d save this one until after I get the succubus curse
  • 11: Take the steep stairs up with the will-o-wisps and break some bricks near the top left
  • 12: In the room with 3 vertical paths and only the left one has platforms, take the path on the right (I think you’ll have to wall jump or fly) all the way up.
  • 13: To get to this room you enter the large area that leads to the succubus and immediately fall down. Get past the knights with the spinning platforms and go through the door. In the next area are 3 paths, 1 straight down and 2 with spinning platforms. Take the platform in the middle and kneel when you get to the bottom to make the orb appear (do the same on the left to make a crown appear)

Map B

  • 1: Rescue first girl on map B
  • 2: There’s a long water maze with lots of fish. At the end is a small room. Break the wall at the end of the room (also contains a key!)
  • 3: Rescue a girl
  • 4: Rescue a girl
  • 5: Rescue a girl
  • 6: You need to be able to fly for this one. Fly all the way to the very top right. There’s a small grass platform with a lantern that has the orb
  • 7: Rescue a girl after battling a billion elves
  • 8: Break the wall at the end of the tunnel above the zombie girls
  • 9: Rescue the girl at the bottom of waterfalls (veer to the right to land in the correct spot)
  • 10: Room after you kill the necromancer has an orb
  • 11: Rescue a girl
  • 12: This room is a hallway with boulder throwers above. Go left to the next area and note the gap in the ceiling. Hop up and head right again, killing the boulder guys. Break the wall on the right for the orb
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