Mini Racing World – Best Cars and Secret Cat Locations

Want to know what the best car to drive in this world is after all upgrades? Having trouble finding the special cats? Then search no further!

Vehicle Stats

Listed in order of unlock:

To get a sense of how each car compares to the rest: a red line indicates the lowest parameter among all the cars, a green line is the highest, and blue is the median.

After gazing over the graphs, I would bet at average the Maxi is the best all-round.

Personally, I just tried to get as far as I could with one vehicle in order to save up my dough for a better one. Initially ignoring the duels, I acquired the Hellkitty. Eventually I ended up maxing the upgrades and completing the entire game with it. I thought going back to complete the duels, and even the final race, were a piece of cake with a decent racer.

Not So Hidden Cats

Tiny Cat

In the port area of the open world, the tiny cat is just to the right of Season 9 hidden between the shipping containers.

Golden Cat

Onlooking towards the church in the farmlands area of the open world, the golden cat is just south of the mountain in a tree at the beach.

Peak Kitty

In the snowy mountains are of the open world, the cat atop the highest mountain is a bit of a climb. Just past the bridge towards Season 7, turn right at the bridge cat, and start making your way around the mountainside.

Samurai Cat

In the roundabout area of the open world, the samurai cat sits on the top of the hill in the center.

Created by Grimagin

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