MISTOVER – Beginners Guide

If you’re here because you think the game is frustrating this is the guide for you. Some tips and tricks to balance the game out or if you want to start in hard mode from someone who figured out and beat the game.

How to beat the game the easy way

I’m not going to go into the economics of how to make the most efficient use of gold (right amount of food to bring / food is more important than light) since most of the other guides are going to go over that, so you can read those guides. Here are the tips that I picked up that worked for me in terms of beating the game in less than 20 hours (first 13 i had no idea what I was doing and died a lot including two wipes) as of balance patch 1.0.3c.

My ending party was 1 shadow blade, two werewolves, 1 reaper and 1 nun.

Most useful non-obvious core tips

You absolutely do not want to fight more than you need to. The goal is to avoid enemies and fights by juking and with Shadow Blade’s field skill and to clear a stage with 100%. Do a few 120% clears early in the game and 100% from on that point avoiding most fights if you can. The game is entirely different if you don’t use shadow blade and much more tedious and susceptible to bad RNG. Almost all regular fights drop trash loot and should be avoided as much as possible (especially the harder ones).

Once you can buy holy water and power drinks, to beat each boss easily, lure a enemy until you’re right next to a boss, clear the fight except for the weakest enemy and block until you have full SP and then start using a water and a drink on everyone. That leaves you 8+ turns of full buffs against the boss.

Reaper’s steal luck skill is broken, not only does it have a 200% modifier but it can…

  • remove boss’s extra turns buff
  • remove stun resistance so you can stun again
  • steal evasion, damage buffs(especially if they’re stacked)
  • steal +1000 damage shields (4000 from final boss)
  • Make cultist mobs a joke, you can start one-shotting each one of them each turn if they start spamming flames of power
  • Even if you miss, you steal their counterattack buff and so you go first next round

Aoe skills (including co-op skills) generally suck because they spread out damage across multiple enemies. You want to kill enemies one by one quickly by priority of most dangerous to least. (Exception is when you debuff the entire enemy party with reaper’s co-op skill or werewolve’s skill)

Don’t use paladin. I know she’s the cute mascot but her field skill isn’t mandatory and her skills are defensive in a game where the best defensive move is to kill your enemies quickly.

You want to bring at least 2-3 bandages with you in later stages since bleed can kill you post fight. Corrupted bandages are just as good as regular bandages.

Misc helpful tips

Damage over time skills suck for the same reason as AOE skills sucking.

Best buffs on equipment in order of best to worst = evade, hit, spd, attack, bleed/stun resist, move resist.

Best debuffs to have on the enemy = stun, hit penalty, spd penalty

Werewolves’s are generally the best pure damage dealers and even more so when you can reliably brand the enemy.

In the Frozen Mountain fourth stage, you can have your map wiped out if you step on or are blown into a trap, but you can just print screen your map to save it.

Upgrade your weapons, but don’t focus on grinding that much, since the next stage’s weapons invalidates your previous upgraded weapons. You’ll probably finish the game with divine/lake weapons.

Useful classes, why they’re useful and their best skills in order

Werewolf(Best damage dealer)

  • Strike (280% modifier (more with brand), better crit/hit than onslaught but targets back and center row)
  • Onslaught (280% modifier (more with brand), targets front and center row)
  • Wide Swipe (for more branding in case reaper is slowed)
  • Lightning Kick (1 point, moves you forward once)

Reaper(Buff stealer, stun/brand in one skill, infinitely spammable Co-op skill)

  • Steal Luck(OP skill)
  • Skill that stuns AND brands
  • Co-op skill with shadow blade (it doesn’t use SP, and you can spam it forever if you kill one enemy each turn and it lower’s enemies hit so they can’t hit you with anything and you counterattack more and more)
  • Skill that gives SP

Shadow Blade(Field Map skill avoiding enemies is OP, changes game entirely)

  • Honestly her skills don’t matter but but get Snake Eyes (Stun)
  • Smoke bomb if you want to a defensive skill to spam evade (goes well with reaper’s Co-op skill)
  • release power/sting harder for damage (but it depositions you)

Nun (Heals are required in this game, very good stunner)

  • Stun skill (hits everywhere and neutralizes one enemy)
  • Suspicious Love (big focused heal on party member most likely to die)
  • Stable Cloud (leveling this up clears bleed on everyone, bleed sucks majorly in later stages)
  • Overflowing Love (heals party, really not that useful though)
  • buff that prevents dying(Not sure if this is better than overflowing love since I never got to use either)

All the other classes are suboptimal:

Paladin is cute but she is a terrible class and a major trap, Most runs do poorly because they include her since she’s the mascot. She only has stun as a useful skill. Provoking, self healing and guarding isn’t killing the enemy and only serves to prolong the fight until some RNG sh*t happens. My first two runs I included her and the game was much harder. Field skill isn’t all that useful.

Witch’s field skills is good but has poor battle skills(aoe) and randomly moves around messing up your position.

Ronin also has a good field skill but has an unreliable SP requirement (crits).

Never used the Omni but he probably sucks, maybe his paper tiger skill is good but soaking up damage with summons isn’t killing the enemy. Once you figure out traps, you won’t need his field skill.

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