This guide will be covering the basics.

Newcomers Guide

Before Starting the Game

I’ll be answering some questions:

Does the game have dedicated servers?

No, it works on a peer 2 peer system, even if you have good internet I highly suggest you use an LAN cable

How does keyboard and mouse fare in this game?

It’s works, can be tricky the first time, but I suggest you rebinding the keys. The game works best when playing with a controller since this was a playstation exclusive

It’s this game pay 2 win?

No, this game is surprisingly skill determined, which some more advanced moves might requiring you to use a controller (if you want to become better at the melee game).

This game has 3 currencies:

  • DP – Blue coins: Can be earned through missions
  • Tokens – Gold coins: “Premium currency” but you always get enough through missions or the game gives to you most of the times, so If you want to spend money, due at your own volition if you want that specific Mobile suit
  • Tickets – Pink movie tickets: These can be earned through recon crates (you can get a chance of drop after every match) or through duplicated itens you get on the supply drops. With them you can exchange for Mobile Suit outside of your rank, camo, clothes and markings

First Time Entering the Game

When you first login in you go to the obligatory tutorial

But after that I HIGHLY “suggest” you do the basic and intermediary tutorials, not only you learn core mechanics of the game but you get great starting Mobile Suits which are easily to learn.

You can do them with Tenda, the adorable tutorial girl.

Basic Gameplay

First things first: Knowing your Mobile Suits

Mobile Suits (not just Gundams) are divided in 3 categories:

  • Generals (Blue)
    • You’re the bulk of the team, your job is to maintain a frontline and when the situation arrives, protect your supports.
    • You’re are also very fragile against enemy supports if you’re caught in the open, so don’t overextend.
    • After a battle, if you have a moment, capture the beacons, they not only give you a new respawn point, but can also be used to call uppon airstrikes, which can be game changing
  • Supports (Yellow)
    • You’re the main damage dealing MS of your team, you can tank some ranged damaged, but the trade-off is that you’re the slowest.
    • So the key is positioning, never stay in one place for too long, stay close to your team, so they can help you (use them as human shields if possible if they don’t get the memo)
    • You’re also the prime target for Raids, since all your defenses focus on tanking ranged damage, so against melee weapons, you’re made of tissue paper.
  • Raids (Red)
    • You’re are the lone operative of your team, your job is to flank the enemy and kill their suppport.
    • Raid MSs have the best Melee in the game, but some are also good at shooting, so you can scare, finish or outright kill some supports.
    • You can fare well in 1v1 against Generals and other Raids, but if things get too dicey, don’t be afraid to fall back and reposition yourself.
    • You’re extremely fragile when focused on, and if you charge the enemy head on, you will die in seconds.
    • Your kit have stealth or gear that can make you invisible to their radar (or in the case of Black Rider, outright invisible).
    • In Short, your job is to flank, kill the support or stop enemy Raids flanking, and capture beacons behind enemy lines or if the opportunity arrives: plant a bomb at the base near the end of the match.
    • Don’t base bomb early, you can cripple your team of turning the points around.

The game works with a Rock, paper, scissor mechanic or Weapon triangle mechanic

But the bonus are only +15% more damage against your prey, and -15% damage against your counter, but don’t be afraid to shoot your enemy, damage it is still damage

In Short: Blue beats Red / Red beats Yellow / Yellow beats Blue

Last But Not Least

Remember that this is team game even as a Raid you depend on your team to score points and win.

You’re not a newtype or the protagonist, if you try fighting the entire enemy team by yourself, you will die in seconds.

Help your team, protect your support and more importantly:

  • Have fun!

If the game starts to stress you out, take a break, there’s no shame on stoping for a while, I’ve been playing this game for 5 years now and haven’t quit yet, even in the worse times.

I hope this “short” introduction helps you a bit on your start, take care.

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