Monster Crown – Promo Codes

Create your own monstrous legacy as you unravel Crown Island’s horrific story. The island, which has a history of sadistic rulers and heroic saviors, is now threatened by a wicked young woman seeking power. It’s up to you and the monsters with whom you make pacts to keep tyranny from returning. Will you be a savior or a dark messiah as a result of your choices?

Promo Monster Codes

  • Frigidile: 78MJNEYTYF
  • Molkuran: UMC3N7KDND
  • Ix: DGJDF8PNK5
  • Stamlanche: PPFO34NJNN
  • Taupsy: IFSPIQIKNB
  • Taupsy: PPIO34NJNN
  • Cobreo: PPHO34NJNN
  • Crawkadaga: PPKO34NJNN
  • Hooclaw: PPGO34NJNN
  • Echelk: PPJO34NJNN

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