Monster Hunter Rise – Random Tips & Tricks

This guide will list a random tips and tricks to improve your hunts.

Random Tips & Tricks

  • There are 2 cahoot nests, one in the Buddy Plaza (at the top of the tree in the back) and one in the command center of Elgado (wirebug to the platform with a ladder to the left after entering and then climb the ladder). These collect items over time at a rate of one every quest, It stores up to 5 at a time, and thus fills up every 5 quests. They both fill up separately, and can both be gathered without impacting the other.
  • Collect from the nests when the meowcenaries return to sync it up with meowcenary trips. This allows you to know when they are filled and ready to be collected (as it will be filled at the same time meowcenaries return).
  • Check the Argosy for rare finds after every mission, it sometimes supplies trade items you can buy for points that are worth between 1000z-20000z.
  • In Elgado, talk to Pingarh the Sailor after every mission, he will often times give you random trade items worth between 2000z-30000z (and there’s an achievement!). Note: He is sometimes on the ship.
  • When wyvern riding, try to wait a bit before hitting the last hit that will complete the finisher gauge, this will restore your dodge charges. Don’t use the finisher right away as you can usually get at least 2 more attacks off using your wirebug charges before doing the finisher.
  • When playing in multiplayer with strangers or friends, carry small barrel bombs. When aimed, they can be thrown and will detonate on impact. They are great for freeing your fellow hunters from the grasps of paralysis, and are also helpful to free people with flinch free from stun and sleep. If timed correctly, they can even negate the damage of monster attacks!
  • Save blastoads for wake ups. Blastoads do damage that scales with monster health, and thus end up doing more damage than what many weapons’ attacks are capable of. Even if your weapon of choice is capable of more wake up damage, it’s still a great choice as it also knocks the monster down for an additional opening right after the wake up and can detonate barrel bombs at a distance where you won’t have to worry about being hit by the blast.
  • Always carry lifepowder when playing online. They are now available from the shop, so you have no excuses anymore, buy a bunch during your next sale! You could save your fellow hunter’s life!
  • Any weapon can be sharpened without sheathing by selecting the whetstone via the radial menu instead of the hotbar.
  • Wirebugging into the air and then hanging in the final ~5 seconds will skip the ending animation with your character and get you to the rewards screen slightly faster. (Note: if you are hosting a quest, this will only work if everyone is hanging. if anyone gets the ending animation, you will just have a blackscreen for the duration they are watching it).
  • You can set an auto-shoutout for when the monster is on low HP, potentially alerting you when it’s ripe for capture. (Auto-shoutouts will only play in multiplayer).
  • Gunlance shelling can turn Starburst Bugs into the fire element if you have no elemental weapons to change them.
  • Pressing the hang button after wirebugging and then dodging forward lets you cover more distance per wirebug charge. You can also run straight off a ledge and hang+dodge before using any charges to cover a bit more distance as well.
  • Remember to check the supply chest at the start of a quest, it has useful things like free potions and rations that will save your actual item stock. They sometimes even have items that won’t be taken away after the quest, like nulberries and deodorant! Just remember to save some for your friends if you are playing online!
  • Try to always pick up any honey in your path. Honey comes in relatively slow from the Argosy and it’s always nice to have more.
  • For the bowgunners out there, there is a mountain in the Shrine Ruins map with a high density of materials for crafting bullets, including bomberries and blastnuts. It’s a great place to stop by whenever you are questing in the Ruins, or just need to grind up some materials.
  • You have the ability to put crafting recipes on the radial menu, allowing you to craft as much of an item as you can hold (or 1 at a time) very quickly. This is great for bowgunners or people who use a lot of a particular item and want a quick way to make more even in the middle of battle.
  • Throwing kunai is a great way of clearing spiribird bushes, especially if you have a slower weapon.
  • Equipping one Flinch Free jewel is enough to prevent staggers from most allied attacks, and a few minor monster attacks. This can be quite helpful in multiplayer. Note: This will prevent your allies from being able to hit you out of stun and sleep easily, but it’s not really common enough to matter.
  • When forging armor, you can use the sub-menu (G on keyboard, X on xbox controller) to search for armors by skills (or other things). This is VERY helpful when creating builds.
  • Leaving a gap in your item loadout like in the picture below allows the First Aid med you grab from the supply box to show up right next to your other potions in the hotbar. Handy!
  • Throwing kunai or using any other attack on rock/boulder/scale lizards allows for 3 items to be collected instead of the 1 you get from kicking them.
  • I tend to keep at up to 10 of every material from monsters I get. Sell or meld the rest, but it’s helpful to have a few of everything, never know when you might need it!
  • Healing Clover Bats heal friends if you have enough bars and are close to them.
  • The small bats that circle on top of monsters in the Lava Caverns can be detonated with a flash bomb.
  • The red and blue fountain symbols on the map in Lava Caverns are geysers(?) you can trigger with a large (or mega) barrel bomb or by running a monster into it during wyvern riding. They do a substantial amount of damage and trigger waterblight (blue) or fireblight (red). They will also knock the monster down.
  • Wyvernfire from a gunlance can be used instead of a large barrel bomb for most of the breakable environment bits throughout the maps.
  • Beware of the use of Evade Extender, once equipped, it’s very hard to go back.
  • When Narwa starts her dragonator attack, place a small barrel bomb on the floor and stand in front of it. This will launch you harmlessly through the dragonators and into the safety of the center!
  • Always wave at the Monk Snail when he spawns, he loves it.
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