Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin – FAQ

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Q. Is Non-Elemental classed as an element?

A. Yes, so skills that say they buff all elemental attacks/defense also include Non-Elemental.

Q. Why does my Gammoth have bad stats?

A. She is a late bloomer and doesn’t get her proper stats until high levels. At max level, she has the highest HP in the game.

Q. Why am I still taking damage when I win head to heads?

A. Winning a head to head only reduces the damage, pulling off a double attack is what prevents it.

Q. Can I get rid of/change my battle buddy?

A. Once you reach postgame you have the option to switch battle buddies, or just go solo.

Q. Why won’t Tetsucabra retreat?

A. Larinoth, Tetsucabra, Agnaktor, Plesioth, Duramboros, Seltas Queen and the crabs etc. are all enemy only monsters. You can see which monsters are obtainable in the Monsterpedia. They will have a blue egg symbol if they are able to become Monsties.

Q. How do armor stats work? Why is my weakness stat going higher when I upgrade?

A. Armor has defense stats in all 6 elements, but the game will only show you your highest and lowest. The higher the numbers, the better the resistance. So if you have an armor set that has 40 Fire Defense and 10 Water Defense, you can assume the rest are somewhere in between those numbers.

Q. Will I lose anything for failing a battle?

A. No, you will just be taken back to the village. You will however lose the egg you were carrying if you were in a nest.

Q. Why do some Monsties have ? for their field ability?

A. Get further in the game and this ability will unlock.

Q. Why do I only have 5 party slots?

A. One is reserved for Ratha. In post game you can use all 6 slots and remove Ratha.

Q. Are Royal monsters any different to their regular counterparts?

A. No difference. Royal Monsters offer earlier availability if you dare to challenge them and successfully make them retreat.

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